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Remedy for Poor Spouse Luck

Our destiny and luck is determined at birth. Well at least to a certain extent. But what if our birth chart shows poor or weak spousal relationship luck? Are we doomed to be lonely or unhappy? Can we do something to improve it? The answer according to our ancient forefathers is a resounding yes.

Before we dive into the solutions, there is a need to clarify spousal luck. It means you have the opportunity to meet someone you like very much, who feels the same way about you and together you live a happy and blissful life.

I would like to clarify spouse luck and marriage. Most times good spouse luck leads to a relationship and then to marriage. Your birth chart reflects your spouse luck but not necessarily your marriage. In some society, marriage is optional and there are many married couples who are not married. That is why it is very difficult to answer this very common questions from my lady clients, “When will I get married?”. That is totally up to you.

So what can you do if you have poor spousal relationship luck?

I think you should create the opportunity to meet more people. Its like sales. The more prospects, the better the odds of making a sale. You should also consider making yourself physically more attractive e.g shape up, dress well etc. And get the help of professionals or friends to see if you have any personality “faults” that you should correct.

With that out of the way, here are some spousal relationship advice.

The ancient Chinese believe that a relationship will have a better chance at success if the man is much older than the woman or if the woman is older than the man.

For a man marrying a younger women, the age difference should be at least 7 years. It is better if the age difference is wider.

However for a woman marrying a younger man, the age difference need to be just 1 year, although a few more years difference is quite acceptable.

Apparently education level and socio economic status matters too. The relationship will have a greater chance of success if one partner man or women has a much higher level of education than the other. Or if one is very much wealthier than the other or has a much higher standing in society!

Interestingly, race and cultural differences also helps. So marrying someone who is of a different race or distinctly different different cultural backgroud can increase your chances of success.

So is geography. Marrying someone who hails from a different part of the world can apparently help too.

Another popular way is to marry someone who has gone through a breakup (must be serious) or a divorce or widowed.

The ancients believe that your will have better luck the second time around. Apparently marrying someone who has done it before can increase your chances of success.

What if all of the above fail?

The ancients have a solution too. You see, the birth chart apparently shows the opportunity and quality of your “proper” spouse relationship. It does not reflect your “improper” spouse relationship luck. Therefore if you have an “improper” spouse relationship like becoming the mistress of a married man or the second or third wife, where legal, or simply not registering your marriage, you increase your chances of success!

True or not, I will let you decide.

Sometimes the birth chart indicate weak spouse luck during a certain period. While this usually mean challenges in the relationship during the period, it can also mean another thing for example, physical separation. For example the husband is offered a good high paying job in another country. He decides to leave the wife and children at home but come back periodically to visit. It can be reflected as poor spouse luck in the chart. It is case, it reflects the time and distance apart rather than the actual shape of the relationship!

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What is a Gua (or Kua) Number?

Everyone of us have a Gua number that is computed from our Chinese Solar year of birth. The Chinese Solar year starts on or around the 4th February each year. If you are born after the 4th February then you are said to be born in the current Chinese Solar year. If you are born before you belong to the previous Chinese Solar year. If you are born on or close to the 4th February, then you need to refer to the Ten Thousand Year Calendar figure out exactly your Chinese Solar year of birth.

With the correct Chinese Solar year of birth, you can calculate your Kua Number manually (which I will not cover) or use one of numerous online Gua calculators (recommended). Do note that the method of calculating Gua number is different for men and for women Gua number for a male and female is usually different. In some year though they are the same.

There are although 8 numbers ranging from 1 to 4 and 6 to 9. Please note that 5 is excluded.

Some refer to the Gua Number as Ming or Life Number. Others call it a Destiny Number. Since we are but a ball of energy, the Gua Number can also be defined as an energy signature of some sort.

It is used in some astrology system to determine our destiny and luck in life.

There are also numerous uses for the Gua Number in Feng Shui and in this article, I will give some examples of their usage.

In the popular Eight Mansions (or Eight House) Feng Shui method, the Gua Number is uses to determine our favorable and unfavorable sectors and directions. In this system, we are classified into East and West Life groups. If your Gua Number is 1, 3, 4 or 9, you belong to the East Life Group. If your number is 2, 6, 7 or 8 you belong to the West Life Group.

If your belong to the East Life Group, your favorable sectors and directions are north, south, east and south-east. If your belong to the West Life Group, your favorable sectors and directions are north-west, south-west, west and north-east.

The concept of Gua Number also extends to a house. Thus a house also have a House Gua Number and some houses are more suitable for you depending on your Gua Number.

In the Flying Star system, you Gua Number is often used as another layer to assess your suitability for particular sectors of a house. Let’s say the east sector of a house has good energy and is highly suitable for use as a bedroom. A practitioner would then assess if you are suitable for the bedroom by checking your Gua number against the energy that is present in the bedroom. He may discover that the north sectors which is also suitable as a bedroom is more ideally suited for you and recommend you sleep there instead.

Yet another us of the Gua number is in date selection. Every year has a Gua Number as well. This concept is further extended to the month, day and hour and so you have a month Gua, day Gua and hourly Gua Numbers.

These numbers are matched against your Life Gua number to the suitability of any date and time for you for certain endeavors.

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Other date selection method uses the Gua in a different way. For example in the Da Gua date selection method the Gua number of the head of the household is used to evaluate the date and the sitting direction of the house.

And the uses goes on an on!

What Kind of Rat Are You?

What kind of Rat are you? Wood, Fire, Metal, Water or Earth?

The Rat is one of the 12 animals in the Chinese 12 Animal Zodiac. From a Chinese astrology perspective you can be either a Wood, Water, Fire, Earth or Metal Rat.

Do you know what kind of a Rat you are? Or Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog or Pig?

There is a very simple way to find this out but I will give you a roudabout answer so that you get a better picture.

Heavenly Stems

The basis of Chinese time keeping is the Heavenly Stems (Gan) and Earthly Branches (Zhi). Each of them have an associated polarity and element and in the case of the Earthly Branches they are closely related to the Zodiac Animals. For example the Branch “Zi” is associated with the “Rat”, the Branch “Chou” with the “Ox”, the branch “Yin” with the “Tiger” and so on.

The Stems are combined with the Branches to create a Stem-Branch pair. The golden rule is that only those of the same polarity can combine. For example “Jia” with “Zi” giving “Jia Zi”. Both are yang polarity. Next is “Yi” and “Chou” giving “Yi Chou”, both of which are negative polarity. “Zi” cannot combine with “Chou” because they are of opposite polarity.

Due to this limitation, there are 60 combinations instead of 120!

Earthly Branches

The Stem Branch pair or “Gan Zhi” pairs are use to denote the year, month, day and time. For example the year 1924 is known as the “Jia Zi”. The next year 1925 is “Yi Chou” year and so on. This is repeated every 60 years. Thus 1984 is a “Jia Zi” year. And 2044 is the next “Jia Zi” year.

“Jia” is associated with Wood element. “Zi” with the Rat. Hence 1924 or 1984 are known as Wood Rat year. So is 2044.

There are 10 Heavenly Stems and they are repeated every 10 years. Therefore any year ending with the 4 such as 1924, 1934, 1944, 1954, 1964, 1974. 1984 etc are Wood Years (though the animal sign differs).

The next Stem in the series is “Yi” which is Yin Wood. Therefore 1925 is also a Wood year albeit a Yin Wood one. Again since the Stems are repeated every 10 years, any year ending with a 5 e.g. 1935, 1945, 1955, 1965, 1975 etc is a Yi or Yin Wood year.

What can you infer from the table? If you are born in a year ending with 4, you are a Yang Wood person. If ending with a 5, you are a Yin Wood person, if ending with a 6 you are a Yang Fire person, if ending with a 7, a Yin Fire person and so on.

Please refer to the table for the polarity and element for each of the years.

Sixty Jia Zi

While it is as easy as A, B C it is not too difficult either. Just sing Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Ren and Gui!

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Feng Shui FAQ 5

Ba Zi means the Eight Characters. More specifically it refers to the year, month, day and time of birth. In Chinese time-keeping, each of these components are represented by a Heavenly Stem and an Earth Branch. Two characters multiply by the four component of your birthday and time gives you eight characters.

Ba Zi these days commonly refer to the system of Chinese Astrology developed by Zi Ping over a thousand years ago.

In my practice, I use Zi Wei Dou Shui for destiny and luck analysis. Zi Wei is like Ba Zi. It uses a person’s date and time of birth and delivers the same results as Ba Zi. However the approach is different.

The month before and after the Chinese New Year is an interesting period. You will hear practitioners predicting your luck for the year using your zodiac sign. Have you wonder why some predictions are accurate while others are not. Find out here.

What can I hope to reveal in a Ba Zi or Zi Wei Reading?

ba zi

A lot actually but in practice most of the reading will focus on potential and luck in career and wealth, physical and mental health, relationships with parents, sibling, spouse, children and friend, property, migration and travel.

A reading usually start with lifetime potential. For example, are you blessed with good interpersonal skills or are you awkward to deal with? Will you do better as an employee or run your own business? Which business sector is more suitable for you? Are you physically and mentally fit? What kind of health problems are you likely to face? How is your relationship with your parent and sibling? With spouse and children? Whether you are lightly to stay in one place or move around a lot and whether migration is good for you? People of which Zodiac signs are favorable to you? What you are better house facing directions? These and much more can be gleaned from a Ba Zi chart.

This is usually followed by a reading of your current and next decade (or 10 years) luck. Again the focus is primarily on your career and wealth luck, health, relation and travel luck. While the life time potential reading gives you a overall perspective, the decade luck is more time specific.

For example, let’s say that your lifetime potential says that you have the potential to start and run your own business. The decade luck reading will tell you whether this decade is a good period to do so, or is it better to wait a few year or until the start of the next decade.

Another example is health. Again your lifetime luck says that you are predisposed to a respiratory related ailment. Your decade luck will tell you when it is likely to happen to worsen. Knowing in advance, allows you to take the necessary preventive action such as taking helpful supplements, or a course of exercise to strengthen your respiratory system.

The annual and next year luck reading does the same. It tells you about your current year and next years luck. For example if your wealth luck is very strong this year, your should consider more investment options.

Many practitioners dig much deeper into the chart and are able to tell smaller details such as whether your spouse will come from far or near and from which location based on direction e.g. Penang or Kelantan.

The 12 Animal Zodiac
The 12 Animal Zodiac

For me I do a lot of Feng Shui consulting work and I get the opportunity to collect moving data. I can often predict quite accurately whether my clients will move this year or the next, beginning, middle or end of the year simply by looking at the birth chart. As well as what is likely to happen to the occupants in the months after moving in.

Every year I listen to practitioners talk about my luck for the year based on my Chinese Zodiac. It is not always accurate. Why is this so?

Let me based my explanation on the Zi Wei Dou Shu Chinese astrology system. A person’s luck for a year is dependent on the position of the major stars and the transformation of these stars. It in turn is based on the person’s date and time of birth. Unless we are born on the same date and time, our birth charts are different and so is our luck.

To find out your luck for the year you need a personalized reading.

The predictions that you find in magazines, that you see or hear on Radio and TV are usually derived from your year of birth only i.e. Chinese zodiac sign.

These predictions are based on minor stars that are associated with the year of birth. So while the minor star may say “blood letting incident due to metal objects”, the event may be negated because your major stars has a “helpful person” configuration.

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Further more, the minor stars give an indication but how it manifest may differ. Taking the above blood letting example, the first thing that comes to mind is getting involved in an accident. However it could be a dental surgery. Or blood donation. Or slashed by someone. And there are many more variations.

In the next segment, I will answer questions related to renovation and moving.

Feng Shui: Frequently Asked Questions 2

In my line of work, in addition to Feng Shui, I do get asked a lot of questions of Chinese astrology. Most are related to the Chinese 12 Animal Zodiac and Ba Zi or the Eight Characters. On the 12 Animal Zodiac side many especially those born in January and February are often confused over their animal sign.

On the Ba Zi side, the most common confusion is over their element. The birth time can also be a real cracker especially if the birth time is very close to on direction on the boundary between two birth hours. Which birth hour should you use to plot your birth chart? Find out how practitioners tackle this problem.

Am I a Cat or a Rat?

The 12 Animal Zodiac
The 12 Animal Zodiac

The Cat is not a member of the Chinese 12 Animal Zodiac. The closest resemblance to the Cat is the Tiger. However the Tiger is a couple of years apart from the Rat and it is unlikely you will mix them up. Confusion can arises between animals of the consecutive Zodiac e.g. between the Rat and the Ox or between the Rooster and the Dog, if you are born in January or February.

Let me explain. The Chinese Lunar New Year does not begin on the 1st Jan. Instead it begins sometime between late January and late February. For example, the Chinese Lunar year began on the 31st Jan in 2014. In the previous year, 2013, it began on the 10 February.

This year 2014 is the year of the Horse. However you are a Horse only if you are born on the 31st January or later. If you are born earlier say on the 28th January 2014, your Chinese Zodiac sign is Snake, the previous animal in the Chinese Zodiac.

To find out your real animal sign, you need to find out the day the Chinese Lunar year began on your year of birth. You can do this by using a 10000 year calendar or one of the tools on the Internet.

My mother tells me that I am Metal element person but now you tell me that I am Wood element. Which one of you is right?

We both are! There is an element associated with your year of birth. For example 2014 is known as the year of the Wood Horse. Your mother is most likely referring to this element (of the year).

Likewise there is an element associated with your day of birth and it is commonly known as the Day Master. The element may or may not be the same as the element of the year.

In the Chinese Astrology system Ba Zi, much of the analysis is done centered around the element of the Day Master. So if you speak to a Chinese astrologer he is most likely refer to this element (of the day).

And that is why you get two different answers.

Is the exact time of birth important in Chinese Astrology?

Most systems of Chinese Astrology such as Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou Shu, uses your birth hour or “Shi Shen” to draw your birth chart. For example the hours between 11 AM and 1 PM is known as “Zi” hour, the hours between 1 PM and 3 PM as “Chou” hour and so on.

Therefore your birth chart and the subsequent reading is the same whether you are born at 11:28 PM or 12:46 AM. Both the times are within the same birth hour or “Shi Shen”.

The problem comes when you are born at the interval or very close to the interval between two birth hours. For example at 12.58 PM or 1:02 PM. Which do you use? How certain are you that the doctor who delivered you, wrote your birth time correctly. Maybe his watch was fast and you were actually born at 12:58 PM!

The solution is quite simple actually. Print both the charts and figure out which by asking questions and mapping real events to the chart.

When exactly does the Chinese New Year begins?

There are two Chinese Calendars.

Click to View or Download. Email not required!
Click to View or Download. Email not required!

The more popular one is the Chinese Lunar Calendar that marks the start of the Chinese New Year. This calendar is based on the moon’s movement and the start date every year varies between late January and late February.

The other Chinese calendar is the Chinese Solar Calendar which is based on the sun’s movement. It is also known as the Farmers Calendar as it was first used to regulate farming activities. Like the Western calendar is has 365 days more or less in a year but unlike the Western calendar it starts on or around the 4th Feb every year. The start of the Chinese Solar year is also known as “Li Cun” of Start of Spring.

Chinese Astrology systems such as the 12 Animal Zodiac and Zi Wei Dou Shu employs the Chinese Lunar Calendar while Ba Zi and Feng Shui systems tend to use the Chinese Solar Calendar.

The Lunar Calendar is also known as the Yin Calendar while the Solar Calendar is also known as the Yang Calendar. Together they are often referred to as the Yin Yang or Luni-solar Calendar.

In the next segment, I will touch on questions related to “Sha” or “killing energy”.

The Annual Shen (or Energies)

Here is another article that I write for the Sun Daily.

Mapping the Shen
Mapping the Shen

The earth and other planets in the solar system revolve around the sun in a constant and predictable manner. So too does the moon around the earth. And the other satellites that roam the solar system.

The ancient Chinese believe that the movement of these planets exert a force on our planet and on us. Since these movement are constant and predictable, they are able to observe and record the effect and timing of these forces.

The Chinese called these energies “Shen“. It denotes certain transient energy fields that are postulated to influence natural phenomena and human endeavors.

Unfortunately this word is often translated into English as “Sprit” or “God” giving the whole subject a spiritual or religious connotation. For example, the “Establish Divest 10 Gods” when it should have more rightly been “Establish Divest 12 Energies”.

Out of these years of observation and refinement comes sets of formulas that allow practitioners today to predict events with some degree of accuracy.

Of particular interest to Feng Shui practitioners are a set of formulas on yearly annual energies and how they influence mankind and their abode.

It is a popular practice for practitioners to talk about the new set of annual energies and their influence on us just before or around the beginning of each Chinese year. If you have attended any of these talks in the past, you will surely have heard of Tai Sui or The Grand Duke, San Sha or Three Killings or Wu Wang or Five Yellow and the combo of Jiu Xing or the Nine Stars.

These are examples of “Shen” which can have a positive or negative effect on us depending on how well we observe the guidelines related to these formulas.

For example if you are born in the year of the Rat, you should not carry out a major renovation in your house or move house this year (2014). If you do, you are deem to have violated “Tai Sui” and the result is you are likely to face people related problems during the year.

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Click to Download.

On a more positive note, if you spend a lot of time in the south sector this year you will be influence by the most auspicious energy of the Nine Stars and that is likely to help with your career and wealth. That is provided you do not carry out any renovations in the sector!

Therefore we can positively influence our luck if we know what and when to do or not to do. In the next few articles, I will explain in more details the influence of Tai Sui, Three Killings and the Nine Stars and the things that you should or should not do for better luck.

Chinese Astrology 2015

Zi Wei Dou Shu, also known as Purple Emperor Astrology, is a powerful Chinese astrology that many practitioners use to give you a reading of your lifetime potential, decade and annual luck thorough your life. Literally from the time you are born to to the time you leave for another world!

Zi Wei is like Ba Zi. It gives you the same result by uses a different approach.

Chinese zodiac 2015
Chinese zodiac 2015

In Zi Wei, your potential and luck in any period depends on the major stars, the domain that these stars occupy and the transformation forces caused by the birth year heavenly stems (another term for planetary influence) on each of these domains.

All of above are encapsulated in a ‘Ming Pan’or birth chart that is plotted based on a set of formulas using your date and time of birth.

Just before the start of a Chinese new year, it is quite common to read or hear about luck predictions for the year based on the birth zodiac sign. This is not like a personal astrology reading where the practitioners takes your year, month, day and time of birth into consideration. Instead the forecast are simply based on your Chinese zodiac or your year of birth.

Chinese zodiac 2015
Chinese zodiac 2015

In Zi Wei, this is done by reading the Zi Wei annual or minor stars that correspond to a particular zodiac sign. In effect the practitioner is giving a prediction solely based on your year of birth.

Therefore you should not be surprise if the readings are not as accurate as you would like. For example, suppose that based on the minor stars, it is a bad year for you. However there are positive influences from the major stars and they can negate the inauspicious influence of the annual or minor stars. Hence you luck can turn out to be not as bad as predicted by just using the minor stars.

If you are planning to make a major decision in your life e.g. whether to take up a posting overseas or start a new business, you should get a personal reading.

However of you just curious and want to know in general what the Wood Goat holds for you, then lets use the annual stars and see where your luck goes.

Rat – 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

The Rat is influenced by four inauspicious stars in 2015. First is Toa Hua or the Peach Blossom Star which suggest unwanted opportunities with the opposite sex or the appearance of a third party in a relationship. It can also mean scandals and rumors. While the star indicate the chance, whether you make a mess of it is really up to you. So don’t say I did not warn you.

Second is Xiao Hao or Lesser Consumer star in 2015 suggest a small financial loss or an inability to accumulate money. You should done some budgeting and not make any emotional purchases. It will help.

Finally the Si Fu or Death Mark Star and the Nian Sha or Year Killing Star suggest health problems for elder members of the family. Or young ones may be affected by minor illness too. So make sure they eat well and get enough exercise. Be tactful too as the Year Killing also imply some quarrel or dispute.

Ox – 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

The Ox clash with Tai Sui in 2015. The Sui Po or Year Breaker and Da Hao or Greater Consumer both suggest a major loss of wealth. This is not a good year to make an risky investment. Stick to safe investments only. You should also refrain from lending large sums of money as you may not get them back.

The Lan Gan or Fence Star and the Yue Kong or Month Emptiness imply obstacles and an inability to achieve your goals. To break through the barrier or literally get over the fence you should be prepared to harder and weather the storm ahead.

The Tian Xu or Heaven Emptiness Star and the Yue Sha or Month Killing Star imply a feeling of sadness and indicate problem in relationship with women. So be careful what you say.

Finally the Po Sui or Broken Star ruining or status or damage to reputation or a public relationships disaster. Be alert and try to stay out of trouble.

It is not a good year for the Ox.

Tiger – 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

The Tiger is blessed with two very auspicious stars. First is Tian Xi or Heaven Happiness which suggest happy and joyous events such as a new relationship, wedding, child birth, graduation, scholarly honors etc. It is a good time to get married or have a child. If you are into research, it may mean a discovery of sort.

The second is Long De or Dragon Virtue. This star brings good omens and tidings and can turn unfavorable events into favorable ones. It also suggest assistance at every turn which negates some of the effects of the other less auspicious stars like Bao Bai or Brutal Defeat.

Brutal Defeat suggest a sudden loss of wealth or things unexpectedly turning sour. However the Dragon Virtue Star should temper this star or at least reduce the intensity. Nevertheless be prepared and take note that you can lose a battle but still win the war!

The Tiger is also affected by the Tian E or Dark Heaven Star which suggest minor accidents or losses while travelling. So slow down a bit when driving and keep an eye on your luggage when travelling.

In addition the Tiger is also affect by the Wang Shen or Death God Star which legal problems. So if you have not not yet settle your outstanding traffic ticket now is the time.

This is nevertheless a good year for the Tiger.

Rabbit – 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

The Jiang Xing or General Star shines on the Rabbit this year. This star is highly auspicious and it denotes plenty of assistance from noblemen or helpful people. It has the ability to convert bad to good. The Rabbit is also influenced by the Feng Ge or Phoenix Star which denotes prestige, beauty, talent, dressing and literary works. So if you are in a line that requires such characteristics, then it can be a boon year for you.

However there are a few inauspicious stars and you need to be cautious accordingly. First are the Bai Hu or White Tiger and Xie Ren or Blood Knife that that suggest accidents and injuries. The Blood Knife star in particular suggest injuries due to sports of activities. I would suggest that you be cautious when traveling and try your best to defer extreme sport or activities like sky diving, motor rally, bungee jumping etc to another year.

In addition there is also Fu Chen or Float Sink which suggest injuries in or around water. So defer your extreme water sports too. Finally there is Feng Ge or the Estrange Star which hints at a relationship problem.

Having said that the auspicious quality of the General Star should diminish most of the inauspicious effect of the negative stars.

Dragon – 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

The Dragon has the Fu De of Fortune Virtue Star which in an auspicious star with the ability to convert bad to good. It suggest help from noblemen or helpful people. Another auspicious star is Pan An or the Saddle Star which hints at fame and achievement. The star suggest recognition and status as well as scholarly honors or a job change or promotion for the better.

On the negative side there is Juan She or Curl Tongue. This is the start of gossips, rumor, slander or legal entanglement. You might want to watch what you say and try not to get in anyone’s way.

Finally there is the Gua Su or Lonesome Star that suggest loneliness, being unwanted or isolated. Most of the time this is just a feeling and you may wish to go out to meet people or join a common interest group. Or simply recognize this and not get too depressed.

Snake – 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

The Snake is influenced by both the Tian Ma or Sky Horse and the Yi Ma or Current Horse both of which are auspicious and suggest travel related opportunities. The characteristics of both these horses is money and fortunes comes to you only as a result of travel, movement or participating in activities outside. It can also mean the opportunity to change or a chance to socialize.

So the Snake should go out more. Meet friends, entertain more, join a group, make some travel plans. All these will increase the auspiciousness of the horses.

On the negative side, you should avoid attending funerals as there is a chance that you will be negatively impacted. This is due to the Tian Gou or Sky Dog Star.

Finally the Diao Ke or Hang Guest Star hint as an inauspicious, unfortunate, unlucky or unhappy event.

Horse – 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

The Horse is influence by the Bing Fu or Illness Mark Star and the Liu Hai or Six Harm Star in 2015.

The Bing Fu Star suggest illness or health troubles. You should take care of your health. make sure you eat correctly and get plenty exercise and rest.

The Liu Hai Star may bring a feeling of loneliness. So be positive and go out to meet old friends or make new ones.

Goat – 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

The Goat offends the Tai Sui this year. The Tai Sui or Grand Duke Star indicate obstacles and challenges. It can bring changes and disruption and also people related problem.

The Goat is also influenced by the Fu Shi and Jian Feng or Sword Edge Star. The Fu Shi star indicate injuries by metal objects. It also mean disagreement ot argument.

Jian Feng or Sward Edge Star also hints at mishaps or injuries caused by metal objects but more likely when on the move. So take precaution when driving or operating machinery. Also a good idea not to get into any disagreement or disputes.

The bright spark is provided by the Hua Gai or Elegant Seal Star. This is an intellectual star and it denotes learning ability and creative skills. It is a good time to attend some courses or start work on the post graduate that you have always want to acquire. If you are into creative work, this is also a good time to let that creatively run free. Hua Gai also hints at scholarly achievements and gaining of status.

Monkey – 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

It looks like 2015 is a good year for the Monkey. The presence of the Tai Yang or Great Sun Star hints at good career and wealth luck. The Tai Yang Star hints at career achievement which can result in promotion or a enlarged job scope. There will be plenty of opportunities and you should capitalized on then when they present itself. The star also indicate noblemen or helpful people that is likely to be a male.

The Hong Luang or Red Matchmaker Star suggest relationship luck. Singles may find love and for those in a relationship it be a good time to marry. For married couples, it can mean a strengthening of the relationship.

The Red Matchmaker Stars can also mean that people find you more likable that will result in more support for you.

You should however be careful as the Jie Sha or Robbery Sha Star and the Tian Kong or Heaven Emptiness Star suggest theft or losses. It can also mean damage to reputation.

Finally with the Gu Chen or Lonesome Star, all that success may bring along a feeling of isolation. So try to be positive.

Rooster – 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

The Rooster is influenced by three unlucky stars namely Sang Men, Pi Tou and Zai Sha.

Sang Meng or Funeral Door suggest health problem in the family especially with the elderly. The Pi Tou or Pealing Head Star suggest the same but with older family members. It is a good time to ensure that family members eat correctly and have enough of exercise and rest. Also ensure family members get quality medical care at the onset before it turns into something serious.

The Zai Sha or Disaster Star hints at a disaster or calamity. It also suggest accidents and injuries while travelling. So make sure that you do not drive when tired or intoxicated.

Dog – 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

The Dog is blessed with the presence of the Tai Yin or Great Moon Star which indicate opportunity to accrue wealth. Tai Yin also hint at noblemen or helpful person that is of the female gender.

Opportunities are likely to be related to women and women related industries e.g. cosmetics, fashion, shoes etc or it could be related to properties.

In addition to Tai Yin, the Dog is also influence by the Guan Suo or Lock Star that suggest argument, gossip, confinement or lawsuit. Besides Gua Suo there is Tian Sha or Heaven Sha that hints at delays to your plans. Heaven being a man star also suggest adversity for husband or father.

Pig – 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

The 12 Animal Zodiac
The 12 Animal Zodiac

The Pig is blessed with one good star but a number of less auspicious ones. The good star is Long Chi or Dragon Pool. This star is associated with recognition, reputation or intelligence. Career wise it can mean a promotion, or awards.

The inauspicious stars include Tian Ku or Heaven Cry and Wu Gui or Five Ghost and the Di Sha or Earth Sha. Heaven Cry, Five Ghost and Earth Sha relates to emotions and suggest turbulence, disturbance and a feeling or sadness, worry and anxiety. Most of the time it is an emotion and you need to counter it by being positive.

The presence of the Fei Fu or Flying Mark hints ar injuries due to sports or other activities. You may want to postpone your category 5 white water rafting challenge to another year.

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Finally the Guan Fu or Officer Star indicate disputes and litigation. It is a good time to pay your traffic summonses. Directors of company should make sure you have paid your staff’s EPF and your corporate taxes!

That is a glimpse of what the year holds for you – using Zi Wei Annual or Minor Stars!

Using Feng Shui to Shape Your Destiny and Luck

(This is an article that I wrote in a column for the Sun Daily newspaper).

The ancient masters believe that we are composed of a set of energies that we absorb at birth. This combo of energies is usually not balanced and it determines the strength and weakness of our destiny and luck.

The Significance of a House Facing Direction
The Significance of a House Facing Direction

In Chinese metaphysics, every direction is associated with an energy type. For example north is water, south is fire, east is wood and so on.

The facing direction of a house is the side that brings in most of the enviromental energy. One of the most effective way to influence our destiny and luck is by living in a house with a facing direction that is beneficial to you. For example if you lack fire, then it is good to live in a house that face south (the direction of fire).

From a birth chart a Feng Shui master can tell you which facing directions are and how they are beneficial to you.

For me, the starting point in using Feng Shui to improve your destiny and luck is to select a house with a facing direction that is good for you.

The facing direction is also very important as it is also helps to determine the quality of the house. For example some houses are beneficial to career and wealth, others to good health and relationships, yet others for both and so on.

So, for example, if you are a young person aiming for a successful career, then you would want to live in a house that has a beneficial facing direction that is also good for career and wealth luck.

The facing direction of a house also determines the auspicious and inauspicious sectors within. We would want the places where we use the most such as the main door, kitchen, bedroom and so on to the in the auspicious sectors so that we are influence positively by the auspicious energy.

The auspicious energy within can be further upgraded or downgraded with the right external land form or man-made features. For example, the health and relationship quality of your bedroom in an auspicious sector of the house is enhanced if there is a hill outside. Or the career and wealth quality of your house is enhanced if there is your main door faces a lake or a river.

Certain natural land form and man-made structures such a rocky hillside or high tension pylon generate “sha” or killing energy. If they are located very near the house, these “sha” can degrade the positive energy with the affected sectors in the house, making auspicious energy within, inauspicious.

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To summarize, the first step is to select a house with a facing direction that is good for you and supports your endeavors. Next utilize the auspicious sectors within and strive to have the correct supporting land form nearby. Finally ensure that there are no “sha” generating land form and man made structures in the vicinity.

It is not an easy task!

Is my Luck Cast in Stone?

To the Chinese, luck is not a matter of chance. Instead it is a measure of how well your endeavors is likely to be during a period. And it can be computed using a variety of astrology techniques. A period can be span of 10 years (also known as big luck) or a year (also known as small luck). In practice, you can drill down further to month, day and even hour luck!

Luck can be further categorized into career and wealth luck, health luck, relationship luck and the luck of travel and migration. Career luck has to do with what you do on a regular basis. For an employee it is your work, while for a housewife, it is whatever you do at home. Wealth luck has to do with money. If you are a business person, it is to do with cash flow and profitability while for an employee it usually mean savings and investments.

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Health luck is about physical and mental health while relationship luck is about relationship with your parents, sibling, spouse, children and friends. Finally travel and migration luck is self-explanatory.

If an astrologer predicts that your next decade career luck is strong, it means that your career is likely to be smooth and progressive during that period. You will likely encounter plenty of opportunities, gain promotions etc.

Or if the astrology predicts that your spouse and children luck is poor, it means that you are likely to encounter problems in your relationship with your spouse and that you have very few or no children, or have poor relationship with your child during that period.

During a luck period, events such as a promotion or child birth can be further divided into set events and unset event. Set events that those that will happen regardless while unset events are those that are likely to happen but may not. Both types of events are influence by a many factors.

For a set event the presence of these factors with intensify the event – whether good or bad. For example if the astrologer predicts that you you have good career luck next year and is a set event, it means that something good will happen in your career e.g. promotion, salary increment or simply handed a task that you have been eyeing. How great the event will turn out – for example how much of an promotion or quantum of the increment – will depend on the presence or absence of the factors mentioned above.

For unset events the presence of absence of such factors can be the difference between whether the event with take place or not. For example, the astrologer may predict that you will have a child this year and that it is an unset event. If you have decided that you do not want one and is taking action to prevent conception, then it is unlikely to happen.

Aside from human will, are there other factors that can trigger, enhance or depreciate a set or unset event? Yes, absolutely and I will touch on some of the more significant ones.

The first is Feng Shui.

The facing direction of a house is the side that lets in the most environmental energy. Each direction is associated with and energy and can enhance or depreciate some aspect of your luck. For example if a certain facing direction can increase your children luck, then living in such a house can increase your chances of having a child and turn it from may happen to will happen.

Each sector of a house is influenced by varying qi – some auspicious and other inauspicious. Again assuming that your bedroom is in an auspicious sector for wealth, then living in a bedroom is such as sector can increase your wealth luck and cause a may happen event into a will happen one.

We are influenced by the energy or qi of the people around us. The ones that stay in the same room and house will have a much stronger influence on us. In Chinese astrology, it is quite common to define energy or qi by the zodiac sign. For example say the zodiac sign Rat enhances your career luck. If you wife is a Rat, then she enhances your career luck and helps to make a may-happen event into a sure-happen event.

Another factor is the role of the people around you. For example your birth chart may say that parents will increase your wealth luck. So if your parents are still alive and living with you, you wealth luck will be enhanced.

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Yet another factor is travel or migration. If your birth chart says that travel will improve your career luck, then having a job that requires a lot of travel or working in another city or migrating to another country will help greatly.

So now you know that your life path is not cast in stone and can be enhanced by having the right factors.