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The Annual Shen (or Energies)

Here is another article that I write for the Sun Daily.

Mapping the Shen
Mapping the Shen

The earth and other planets in the solar system revolve around the sun in a constant and predictable manner. So too does the moon around the earth. And the other satellites that roam the solar system.

The ancient Chinese believe that the movement of these planets exert a force on our planet and on us. Since these movement are constant and predictable, they are able to observe and record the effect and timing of these forces.

The Chinese called these energies “Shen“. It denotes certain transient energy fields that are postulated to influence natural phenomena and human endeavors.

Unfortunately this word is often translated into English as “Sprit” or “God” giving the whole subject a spiritual or religious connotation. For example, the “Establish Divest 10 Gods” when it should have more rightly been “Establish Divest 12 Energies”.

Out of these years of observation and refinement comes sets of formulas that allow practitioners today to predict events with some degree of accuracy.

Of particular interest to Feng Shui practitioners are a set of formulas on yearly annual energies and how they influence mankind and their abode.

It is a popular practice for practitioners to talk about the new set of annual energies and their influence on us just before or around the beginning of each Chinese year. If you have attended any of these talks in the past, you will surely have heard of Tai Sui or The Grand Duke, San Sha or Three Killings or Wu Wang or Five Yellow and the combo of Jiu Xing or the Nine Stars.

These are examples of “Shen” which can have a positive or negative effect on us depending on how well we observe the guidelines related to these formulas.

For example if you are born in the year of the Rat, you should not carry out a major renovation in your house or move house this year (2014). If you do, you are deem to have violated “Tai Sui” and the result is you are likely to face people related problems during the year.

Click to Download.
Click to Download.

On a more positive note, if you spend a lot of time in the south sector this year you will be influence by the most auspicious energy of the Nine Stars and that is likely to help with your career and wealth. That is provided you do not carry out any renovations in the sector!

Therefore we can positively influence our luck if we know what and when to do or not to do. In the next few articles, I will explain in more details the influence of Tai Sui, Three Killings and the Nine Stars and the things that you should or should not do for better luck.