Is my Luck Cast in Stone?

To the Chinese, luck is not a matter of chance. Instead it is a measure of how well your endeavors is likely to be during a period. And it can be computed using a variety of astrology techniques. A period can be span of 10 years (also known as big luck) or a year (also known as small luck). In practice, you can drill down further to month, day and even hour luck!

Luck can be further categorized into career and wealth luck, health luck, relationship luck and the luck of travel and migration. Career luck has to do with what you do on a regular basis. For an employee it is your work, while for a housewife, it is whatever you do at home. Wealth luck has to do with money. If you are a business person, it is to do with cash flow and profitability while for an employee it usually mean savings and investments.

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Health luck is about physical and mental health while relationship luck is about relationship with your parents, sibling, spouse, children and friends. Finally travel and migration luck is self-explanatory.

If an astrologer predicts that your next decade career luck is strong, it means that your career is likely to be smooth and progressive during that period. You will likely encounter plenty of opportunities, gain promotions etc.

Or if the astrology predicts that your spouse and children luck is poor, it means that you are likely to encounter problems in your relationship with your spouse and that you have very few or no children, or have poor relationship with your child during that period.

During a luck period, events such as a promotion or child birth can be further divided into set events and unset event. Set events that those that will happen regardless while unset events are those that are likely to happen but may not. Both types of events are influence by a many factors.

For a set event the presence of these factors with intensify the event – whether good or bad. For example if the astrologer predicts that you you have good career luck next year and is a set event, it means that something good will happen in your career e.g. promotion, salary increment or simply handed a task that you have been eyeing. How great the event will turn out – for example how much of an promotion or quantum of the increment – will depend on the presence or absence of the factors mentioned above.

For unset events the presence of absence of such factors can be the difference between whether the event with take place or not. For example, the astrologer may predict that you will have a child this year and that it is an unset event. If you have decided that you do not want one and is taking action to prevent conception, then it is unlikely to happen.

Aside from human will, are there other factors that can trigger, enhance or depreciate a set or unset event? Yes, absolutely and I will touch on some of the more significant ones.

The first is Feng Shui.

The facing direction of a house is the side that lets in the most environmental energy. Each direction is associated with and energy and can enhance or depreciate some aspect of your luck. For example if a certain facing direction can increase your children luck, then living in such a house can increase your chances of having a child and turn it from may happen to will happen.

Each sector of a house is influenced by varying qi – some auspicious and other inauspicious. Again assuming that your bedroom is in an auspicious sector for wealth, then living in a bedroom is such as sector can increase your wealth luck and cause a may happen event into a will happen one.

We are influenced by the energy or qi of the people around us. The ones that stay in the same room and house will have a much stronger influence on us. In Chinese astrology, it is quite common to define energy or qi by the zodiac sign. For example say the zodiac sign Rat enhances your career luck. If you wife is a Rat, then she enhances your career luck and helps to make a may-happen event into a sure-happen event.

Another factor is the role of the people around you. For example your birth chart may say that parents will increase your wealth luck. So if your parents are still alive and living with you, you wealth luck will be enhanced.

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Yet another factor is travel or migration. If your birth chart says that travel will improve your career luck, then having a job that requires a lot of travel or working in another city or migrating to another country will help greatly.

So now you know that your life path is not cast in stone and can be enhanced by having the right factors.

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