The Most Effective Feng Shui Method.

A very common question that my client ask me is what system of Feng Shui do I practice and is it the most effective?

I would like answer this question using our health as an example. How many ways are there to be healthy?

Many I suppose. Of the top of my head, I can think of a healthy diet, brisk walking or jungle tracking, Yoga or Qi Gong, taking supplements, going to bed early and so on.

If you ask a health guru chances are your will get a combination of the above. One may prescribe a healthy diet with exercise and supplements while another may prescribe a healthy vegetarian diet, coupled with Yoga etc.

Each of them have arrived a set of recommendations based on their learning and experience and what they deem to be the more effective way to be healthy.

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So how do we Feng Shui consultants do it?

Some consultant practice a single system only. For example the Eight Mansions. Most others however use a combination. For example Form and Flying Star. 

I fall into the second category. There are many things to learn in Chinese Metaphysics. I have been practicing professionally for over 18 years and I am still learning. Like most consultants these days, I have learn the a few Feng Shui systems, a few Forms Methods, a few Water Formulas, a few Date Selection methods etc.

What I have discovered is that some techniques within a particular system is more effective in others. Other techniques within the same system appear to be less effective.

Therefore, like many other consultants today, I deploy a number of techniques from different systems that based on our experience and learning gives the best result and prescribe it to our clients.

In addition, just like there are many ways to be healthy, there are many ways to good Feng Shui! 

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  1. Marcus

    Hi Guru,
    Would like to check wheather 16 Sept 2020 is a auspicious day to start work. I am a dragon born in 1964


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