6 thoughts on “Feng Shui and Zodiac 2019

  1. Jayne Robbins

    Hello I have a question. What should I do if I did not pass the intermediate test ;Kartar Biamond’s
    test. Believe it ort not I placed the facing direction on wrong place on drawing. The test part could
    have been better after redoing the test a second time
    confused..I studied the whole summer. here is my birth information.

    06/07/1945 8:30 am Jayne Robbins

    1. Henry Post author

      If at first you do not success then please try again. I suggest you try again. However if you make another an obvious mistake it could be a sign!

  2. Samina khanum

    Hi Mr Henry , Thanks for mailing the articlw on Changing of the Annual star.
    The information about Feng Shui is so beautifully explained , and l really liked it
    Sir please keep mailing such articles so that many many people get benefited by your knowledge. May the Almighty bless you with lots of abundance and prosperity.
    Sir please help me understand what do you mean by quality of no 4 star , that change depending on the stars that it combines.
    Sir my house facing is North2 and the water and mountain stars are 7,9 in my north sector .
    3,4 in the centre
    1,6 in the west
    2, 5 in the northwest
    Please help me how do l get the benefits of the auspicious stars . Thank you
    From Samina

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi Samina, thank you for you kind words. 7-9 suggest money and happy events. 1-6 suggest authority while 2-5 is not good. Cad for health and money. 3-4 is a different animal and depends. May I make a suggestion. There is a series of 4 books by Master Hung call the “Celebrated Poems of Xuan Kong” where he explains in layman terms the principles of Xuan Kong. The book also touches on some stars combination. I suggest your get a copy. It will open up Flying Stars for you.

  3. Dickson Martinez

    Am interested in subscribing to your knowledge of Feng Shui and to gain more understanding of it. Thank you & Much respect to you.


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