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Remedy for Poor Spouse Luck

Our destiny and luck is determined at birth. Well at least to a certain extent. But what if our birth chart shows poor or weak spousal relationship luck? Are we doomed to be lonely or unhappy? Can we do something to improve it? The answer according to our ancient forefathers is a resounding yes.

Before we dive into the solutions, there is a need to clarify spousal luck. It means you have the opportunity to meet someone you like very much, who feels the same way about you and together you live a happy and blissful life.

I would like to clarify spouse luck and marriage. Most times good spouse luck leads to a relationship and then to marriage. Your birth chart reflects your spouse luck but not necessarily your marriage. In some society, marriage is optional and there are many married couples who are not married. That is why it is very difficult to answer this very common questions from my lady clients, “When will I get married?”. That is totally up to you.

So what can you do if you have poor spousal relationship luck?

I think you should create the opportunity to meet more people. Its like sales. The more prospects, the better the odds of making a sale. You should also consider making yourself physically more attractive e.g shape up, dress well etc. And get the help of professionals or friends to see if you have any personality “faults” that you should correct.

With that out of the way, here are some spousal relationship advice.

The ancient Chinese believe that a relationship will have a better chance at success if the man is much older than the woman or if the woman is older than the man.

For a man marrying a younger women, the age difference should be at least 7 years. It is better if the age difference is wider.

However for a woman marrying a younger man, the age difference need to be just 1 year, although a few more years difference is quite acceptable.

Apparently education level and socio economic status matters too. The relationship will have a greater chance of success if one partner man or women has a much higher level of education than the other. Or if one is very much wealthier than the other or has a much higher standing in society!

Interestingly, race and cultural differences also helps. So marrying someone who is of a different race or distinctly different different cultural backgroud can increase your chances of success.

So is geography. Marrying someone who hails from a different part of the world can apparently help too.

Another popular way is to marry someone who has gone through a breakup (must be serious) or a divorce or widowed.

The ancients believe that your will have better luck the second time around. Apparently marrying someone who has done it before can increase your chances of success.

What if all of the above fail?

The ancients have a solution too. You see, the birth chart apparently shows the opportunity and quality of your “proper” spouse relationship. It does not reflect your “improper” spouse relationship luck. Therefore if you have an “improper” spouse relationship like becoming the mistress of a married man or the second or third wife, where legal, or simply not registering your marriage, you increase your chances of success!

True or not, I will let you decide.

Sometimes the birth chart indicate weak spouse luck during a certain period. While this usually mean challenges in the relationship during the period, it can also mean another thing for example, physical separation. For example the husband is offered a good high paying job in another country. He decides to leave the wife and children at home but come back periodically to visit. It can be reflected as poor spouse luck in the chart. It is case, it reflects the time and distance apart rather than the actual shape of the relationship!

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