Inside and Outside of a Bend

Rivers meander naturally and roads curves. Thus a house could be located on the inside or outside of a bend of a road or river.


In Feng Shui, it is favorable for a house to be located on the inside of a bend. This is also called the “Jade Belt Around the Waist” formation and occupants are said to safe from harm.

The opposite or the outside of the bend is undesirable. It is also called the Reverse Bow Sha and can caused career and money problem as well as relationship issues.

A lot depends on the intensity of the Sha Qi generated. It is greater if the water or traffic flow is fast or heavy. The effect is also greater if the house is located nearer the bend. It is also greater if the bend is more extreme e.g. like a semi-circle.

Encircle Water Sha

In the past, Reverse Bow Sha typically affect landed properties. However these days it is not uncommon for elevated highways to be a few storey high and apartments can be affected too if you are located on the wrong side of the bend of a busy highway.

Yet another modern example is the elevated light rail that can affect you much like the elevated highway.

While it is not favorable to live or work in a house located on the outside of a bend (Reverse Bow Sha), it is believed that such places have a positive effect on those dealing with Martial arts and Chinese medicine. True or not? Why not do some research yourself!

The landscape design of some modern communities may include roads (or an artificial river) encircling houses within.


This layout is not viewed positively in Feng Shui as it may lead to money losses for those living within. The worst affected will be the ones living in the house that faces the exist as shown.

In the case of a artificially created river, the water quality can be poor and may create health problems for the occupants of houses nearby.

If you have the opportunity to buy a property located near a river, select one that is on the inside of a bend or one that faces a meandering river. When a river meanders, it slows down and the good qi accumulate.

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10 thoughts on “Inside and Outside of a Bend

  1. Bev

    I just bought a house, and realized it was on the outside of a bend, on a slower road.
    The house has a red tone of siding, with white front door. The front of the house faces east. The traffic comes from the south, turns east on the bend, and goes north.
    The traffic also goes from the north out to the east and South to get in the main road.
    We moved to this community to be close to family.

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi Bev,

      A house located on the inside of a bend is better that one located on the outside. However there are two other considerations. First the volume of traffic on the road. If the traffic is light it is not detrimental. Second is the degree of the bend. It it is gentle and not extreme, it is quite acceptable too.

  2. Yp

    I am looking at a house near a bend (outside of the bend) of a highway, which already has a trees& WALL built in between the residential area . It is the second house and distance is about 190ft from the bend of the highway.
    The highway is to the left of the house (looking out direction) .

    And to the right of my house, there is high tension wires about 480ft away.

    Is this house ok to buy?

  3. Ashley

    I am considering a a unique mid century style home that is a riverfront property. The river flows slowly at the back of the property. The property has a level back yard with a tree shrub lined edge where the river flows. How can I ensure a positive relationship with the water?

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi Ashley,

      Water at the back of a property affects descendent. It also mean relationship and health of the occupants. The effect degree on the size of the river, speed of the water flow, cleanliness and distance away. If the river is small, flows slowly, clean and far away, the effect is lesser and likely to manifest much later. The typical solution is to build a wall or plant trees to block of all or some of the view of the river.

  4. Brandi Wilson

    So I am looking to purchase a home that has subdivision road right behind it on an inside a curve on a corner lot that goes into a cul-de-sac. So in essence the roads are in a shape of a U. The lot is pretty big with a larger side yard and sits right inside the U. Is this bad? The backside of the home is SW and the faces NE. Thank you

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi Brandi, I tried my best trying to visualize the house and it’s surroundings based on your description but could not. Can you give me a sketch?


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