Auspicious Days to Commence Work after the Chinese New Year Holidays in 2021

Here are some auspicious days to commence business after the Chinese New Year break in the Year of the Ox (2021).

Saturday 13th Feb 2021 (2nd Lunar Day)

This is a Full day. It is a good day to commence business and good for those involved in construction activities. Try to start work between 9 am and 11 am. Those born in the year of the Dog should avoid using this date.

Monday 15th Feb 2021 (4th Lunar Day)

This is a Set day. This is a very auspicious day and is good for most activities. Try to start work between 1 pm and 3 pm. Those born in the year of the Rat should avoid using this date.

Sunday 21 February 2021 (10th Lunar Day)

This is an Open Day. This is a very auspicious day and is good for most activities. Since the following Monday is not auspicious, you can do a symbolic start on this day. Try to start work between 11 am and 1 pm. Those born in the year of the Horse should avoid using this date.

Tuesday 23 February 2021 (12th Lunar Day)

This is an Establish Day. It is a good day to commence business and good for those involved in construction activities. Try to start work between 11 am and 1 pm. Those born in the year of the Monkey should avoid using this date.

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Thursday 18 February 2021 (7th Lunar Day) – Acceptable

You may notice that there is big gap between the 4th and 10 Lunar Day. If you must start work in-between, I suggest Thursday Feb 18 or Lunar Day 7. It is a Danger day and normally not quite suitable but the presence of auspicious stars especially the Year Wealth star makes it acceptable. Try to start work between 11 am and 1 pm. Those born in the year of the Rabbit should avoid using this date.

Feng Shui 2021

Qi comes from 8 directions and they influence the 8 sectors of a house or business premise . The annual qi changes every year and it affects the sectors differently. To find out how these qi affects you, first map out the sectors of a property. Locate the center of the property, place a compass there and mark out the 8 sectors.

Some of the Qi are beneficial and we call them auspicious qi. Some are not and we call them inauspicious qi. These annual qi are often call stars and they are labelled from 1 to 9.

Stars 8, 9 and 1 are auspicious and they influence the W, NE and S sectors in 2021. Stars 2, 5, and 7 are inauspicious and they influence the N, SE and NW sectors. Star 2 (N sector) relates to illness, Star 5 (SE sector) is a bad for everything while Star 7 (NW) relates to losses and injuries.

If the sectors, where you normally spend a lot of time in are located in the auspicious sectors, then you are bath in auspicious Qi and your luck will be enhanced.

For most people, these include the main door, bedroom, kitchen, living and study. Simplilistically speaking the Star 8 (W sector) brings forth money luck, Star 9 (NE sector) brings forth happy events and fame while Star1 (S sector) brings forth recognition and opportunities.

So spend time in these sectors as much as you can.

But what if you find that you are mostly in the inauspicious sectors. If you can, you should relocated to an auspicious sector. For example if your study is in an inauspicious sector but your dining table is not, then consider working at the dining. Or move out and sleep in a bedroom that has auspicious qi.

But what if you cannot? Then you need to moderate these auspicious qi but placing elements of the right elements. You see our forefathers believe that qi is comprised of 5 element type namely metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The annual qi also has an element type. Furthermore there is a mitigating interaction between elements. For example metal energy can minimize earth energy. Therefore if a sector is influence by inauspicious qi of earth type, then placing an item made of metal can minimize the inauspicious earth qi.

Back to if you cannot move out. To minimise the inauspicious energy of Star 2 in the SE sector, place a metal Wu Lou. To minimise the inauspicious energy of Star 5 in the SE sector, place a decent size metal decorative item there. Finally to minimise the inauspicious energy of Star 7 in the NW sector, place a bowl of still water. Please don’t forget to change the water now and then. I heard the mosquitoes can go up to the 12 floor using the lift!

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What about the remaining Star 4 and Star 6? In my opinion, there is no need to worry too much about them. Just let them be but focus your attention on Stars 2 (N), 5 (SE) and 7 (NW).

Feng Shui Renovation Rules 2021

If you plan to renovate a portion of your house without moving out in 2021, here are some things you should know.

Caring out major renovations in the wrong sectors of the house can create all kinds of problems for the occupants.

Reno Rules 2021

If you are born in the year of the Goat, you should try your very best to defer any major renovations to another year.

The rest of us can renovate but by following some rules.

First, let me explain what constitute major renovations. It include an ground breaking work such as digging a new drain, floor tiling works and so on as well as tearing down walls and pillars.

In 2021, Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter affects the NE1 sector. The opposite sector SW1 also known as Po Sui is also affected. So try your very best not to renovate these two sector.

Three Killings influences the East sector. If you renovate the sector, you may activate it and cause robbery (or losses), disaster and obstacles in 2021.

Finally you should also avoid renovating the South East sector as this is where the annual Five Yellow star reside which can cause all kinds of problem if activated.

To identify the sectors, use a compass and standing in the center of the house to mark them out.

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The above rules are for major renovations and if you continue to live in the house during the renovation works. If you move out during the renovation then it is fine.

So what if you must renovate? You should seek the advice of a Feng Shui Consultant who will then select special highly auspicious dates to carry out these renovations with minimal negative effect!

The Most Effective Feng Shui Method.

A very common question that my client ask me is what system of Feng Shui do I practice and is it the most effective?

I would like answer this question using our health as an example. How many ways are there to be healthy?

Many I suppose. Of the top of my head, I can think of a healthy diet, brisk walking or jungle tracking, Yoga or Qi Gong, taking supplements, going to bed early and so on.

If you ask a health guru chances are your will get a combination of the above. One may prescribe a healthy diet with exercise and supplements while another may prescribe a healthy vegetarian diet, coupled with Yoga etc.

Each of them have arrived a set of recommendations based on their learning and experience and what they deem to be the more effective way to be healthy.

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So how do we Feng Shui consultants do it?

Some consultant practice a single system only. For example the Eight Mansions. Most others however use a combination. For example Form and Flying Star. 

I fall into the second category. There are many things to learn in Chinese Metaphysics. I have been practicing professionally for over 18 years and I am still learning. Like most consultants these days, I have learn the a few Feng Shui systems, a few Forms Methods, a few Water Formulas, a few Date Selection methods etc.

What I have discovered is that some techniques within a particular system is more effective in others. Other techniques within the same system appear to be less effective.

Therefore, like many other consultants today, I deploy a number of techniques from different systems that based on our experience and learning gives the best result and prescribe it to our clients.

In addition, just like there are many ways to be healthy, there are many ways to good Feng Shui! 

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Auspicious Day to Start Work 2020

Here are some auspicious dates to start work after the Chinese New Year holidays in 2020.

Tuesday 28 Jan 2020. It’s Day 4 of the New Chinese Lunar Year and the best time is between between 9 am to 11 am. Those born in the year of the Rat should avoid starting on this day as it is a Personal Clash Day for the Rat.

Friday 31 Jan 2020. It’s Day 7 of the New Chinese Lunar Year. The best time is between 7 am to 11 am. It’s a Personal Clash Day for the Rabbit. Rabbits please start work on another day.

Wednesday 5 Feb 2020. It’s Day 12 of the New Chinese Lunar Year. The best time to start work is 11 am to 3 pm. Monkey’s should not use this day to start work.

Some companies may take the whole week off and plan to start work on the following Monday the 3rd Feb. But it is not a good day to start. Solution?

I suggest that you do a symbolic start on Sunday 2 Feb 2020. It’s Day 9 of the New Chinese Lunar Year. Come to the office between 11 am to 1 pm. Order in. Have lunch in the office. May some phone calls, send some email, some messages, prepare some invoices to simulate starting work. You are deemed to have started work. Then continue working on Monday. Those born on the Year of the Snake however should use another day.

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Feng Shui 2020

Twenty twenty (2020) is the year of the Metal Rat (Geng Zi) and with it comes another set of Feng Shui qi and do’s and don’ts.

Tai Sui in 2020
Location of Tai Sui in 2020

If you do not plan to move house or carry out a major renovation, there is not a lot that you need to do.

In a Rat year, the Grand Duke or Tai Sui is situated in the north and hence exert its influence on houses that face north (and sit south) as well as those born in the year of the rat (and horse).

To a much lesser extend the Goat and the Rooster are also affected but to a much lesser extend and I would not worry too much about it.

From a Feng Shui perspective, both the Horse and Rat should not move house or carry out major renovations. If you have to, ensure you select a special and highly auspicious day to start work to ward off bad luck.

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This do-not-renovate rule apply to the house that you are currently staying. If you have another house that is you do not stay in, you can carry out renovations without fear. Again do select an auspicious day to start work.

If you must renovate while staying in the house, here are some rules you need to observe.

Tai Sui affects N2. Opposite Tai Sui at S2 is Year Breaker or Sui Po. Do your best not to renovate these two sectors.

The Horse Clashes with while the Rat Offends Tai Sui. The luck of both of these animals are degraded with the Horse more affected than the Rat. The Horse can expect more problems with career, wealth, health and relationships while the Rat to a lesser extent. I would suggest that the Horse exercise greater caution at work and with money. Take good care of your health and think before you speak.

Three Killings or San Sha affects the the following sectors. The whole of South i.e. S1, S2 and S3 and the neighboring sectors of SE3 and SW1. Again do your best not to carry out ground breaking and/or major renovations in these sectors of the house.

Three Killings in 2020

Another Annual star that you should be concerned about is the 5 Yellow which afflicts the East Sector i.e. E1, E2 and E3. Like Tai Sui, Sui Po and San Sha ground breaking and major renovations in these sector can invoke the inauspicious effects of the 5 Yellow.

If you plan to carry out ground breaking and major renovations in these sectors, I would advice that you move out during the renovations. If you cannot move out, then it is imperative to start on a highly auspicious date. Even if you do not plan to renovate the 5 Yellow sector of east, you should place a metal object such as a metal vase, metal wind chime etc to moderate the effect of the 5 Yellow.

The three auspicious annual stars in the current period are the 8, 9 and 1 stars and they influence the NW, W and NE sectors this year. To benefit from these auspicious energy you must first spend time in these sectors of your house. For example if you room is located in the E, which is inauspicious due to 5 Yellow and you have a spare room in say the NW, W or NE sectors, you should relocate into one of these rooms for the year. You can benefit from simply spending time in these sectors.

Annual Stars in 2020

In addition, you can activate these sectors by creating movement in these areas. The most popular way is to install an indoor water fountain. Alternatively you can install a fan, play loud music etc to activate these areas.

Both the East and and South are influenced by the highly inauspicious 5 Yellow and the 2 Black or Illness Star. If you can you should stay away from these sectors. If these stars occupy your living room for example, you should spend less time there.

If they fall into your main door, bedroom or other areas that you spend a lot of time with and you have no other options, then place metal items in these areas to diminsh the negative influence of these inauspicious stars.

In summary, to capitalize on the good qi of the year, spend time in the auspicious sectors (NW, W, NE) and avoid the inauspicious ones (East amd South). If you must carry out ground breaking or major renovations, ensure that you avoid the inauspicious sectors (N2, S2, E, SE3, SW1). Finally eat and sleep well plus think before you speak. The battle is almost won!

Ten Thousand Year Calendar

The Wan Nian Li a.k.a the 10,000 Year Calendar is a conversion chart that allow us to convert between Gregorian Date and the equivalent Chinese Solar and Lunar Dates and vice versa. It usually comes in the form of a thick manual containing pages and pages of tables, typically one for each year. But do not be fooled by the name. There are usually only between 100 to 150 years of current data in each book, not ten thousand!

In the earlier days, the calendar is only available in Chinese but more recently it is also available in English. With the advent of the internet, you can now access software based calendar or conversion tools that allow you to do the same on your PC or phone.

In this article, I will focus on the paper based English version of the Wan Nian Li and I will show you how you can find the Chinese Solar and Lunar equivalent of any Western Gregorian date.

In the table provided you will find a portion of the conversion calendar for the first three Gregorian month of 2017.

The first row shows the Stem Branch of the year 2017 which is Ding You or Fire Rooster (in light red).

The first three column from left to right shows the first, second and third lunar month. On the left of each of the column, you the representation M D which is the Western or Gregorian month and date. That the first lunar month in 2017 starts from 28 Jan (and reading down) and ends on 25 Feb. Similarly the second lunar month starts from 26 Feb and ends on 27 Mar. And the third lunar month from 28 Mar to 25 April.

The rightmost column is the lunar day.

Using this table, it is quite easy to find the equivalent lunar date for any Gregorian Date. Take for example the 15 Mar 2017 (in light yellow). This Greg date falls in the second lunar month and (reading horizontally) coincidences with lunar day 18. Thus the lunar equivalent date for 15 March 2017 is Lunar Month 2, Day 18, Ding You year (2017).

Let’s work on another example. Take the 1 April 2017 (in light green). This Greg date falls in the third column or third lunar month. Reading horizontally, it coincides with lunar day 5. Thus the Chinese lunar equivalent date for the 1 April 2017 is Lunar Month 3, Day 5, Ding You year (2017).

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Finding the Chinese Solar equivalent date is a bit harder. In 2017 the first Solar month is called Ren Yin followed by the second month Gui Mao and third month Jia Chen. The first day of the Chinese Solar month however does on fall on the 28 Jan. Instead it falls on the 7th Lunar day when “Spring Arrives” or “Li Chun”. This is equivament to the Greg date 3 March 2017.

This first solar month runs till a day before the start of the second Solar month “Insects Awaken” which is the 7th Lunar day in Feb or 4th March 2017. The second solar month starts from the eighth lunar day or Gregorian 5th March till a day before the start of the Solar 3th Month or “Clear Brightness” or “Ching Ming” on the 3rd April 2017.

Lets work on an example. Let’s take Gregorian 23 Feb 2017 (in light blue). On the right is Xin Si which is the Day Pillar. This date falls between 3 Feb and 4 Mar and hence is the Chinese Solar month one which gives the month pillar Ren Yin – marked in light blue.

Hence the Chinese Solar equivalent date of the 23 Feb 2017 is Day Pillar Xin Si, Month Pillar Ren Yin and Year Pillar Ding You (2017). Again, if this looks familar to you, it is because it is the three of four pillars of Ba Zi!

Fortune Street at Sentosa Singapore 2018

In this year of the Earth Dog, I spent my first 10 days of the Chinese Lunar Year participating in an event in Singapore. It is called Fortune Street and is organized by Resorts World at Sentosa.

It is a one stop center where you can get your fortune read by Chinese Astrologers, Palmists, Tarots, Energy Readers etc. For me it was a 10 days grueling session running from 12 noon to 10 pm with breaks.

Each session was limited to 10 minutes. For me you have a choice of learning your current year luck or your current 10 years luck in the area of career, wealth, relationships and health both mental and physical. Or you can ask a specific question and I will dwell as far inside as I can within the 10 minutes.

Though it was very tough, it was a good learning experience for me as a Chinese Astrology especially in speed reading using Zi Wei Dou Shu! And it gave me the opportunity to re-establish relationship with some old friends as well as make some new ones.

Here are some photos.

My Workstation
In Action
Scooby Chin (Tarot)
Master Judith Eugenio, Master Kevin Foong and Master CK
Jackie Chin in Action
Master Tham and sister from Ipoh
Registrar Crystal-belle and Lu

And not forgetting the other Masters who participated in the event such Master Paul, Master Kalpana, Master Khor, Master Hilary, the team from the Golden Spaces etc

And other registrars such as Lina, Nafa who Amelia helped to register and schedule the endless stream of customers!

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