What about Tai Sui?

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Tai Sui
Grand Duke

Tai Sui is also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter. Jupiter because Tai Sui is believed to represent the effect of Jupiter on Earth. In Chinese metaphysics, Jupiter is also known as the Wood planet. Earth as you may have already guessed is the earth planet. Jupiter is also huge compared to earth. In the Five Elements, Wood controls Earth and hence Jupiter is thought to have a strong negative hold on earth.

It moves in a clockwise direction and returns to the same position every 12 years. For example, Tai Sui is at S2 in 2014. Next year in 2015 it moves to SW1 then to SW3 the following year. And it then comes back to S2, 12 years later in 2026.

In Chinese metaphysics, Tai Sui or the Grand Duke has many implications. But for the purpose of Feng Shui, we should not build or carry out major renovation at all if your house faces Tai Sui. The penalties for violating Tai Sui are usually people related problem such as litigation, back-stabbing, despicable people etc.

24 mountains
24 Mountains

For example, you should not move house or carry out major renovations if your house, faces S2 this year (2014).

In Chinese metaphysics, the animal signs have relationships with each other. Animal signs opposite each other have a clash relationship. For example between the Horse and the Rat or between the Tiger and the Monkey or between the Dragon and the Dog.

During the year of the Horse, Tai Sui is at S2 or the Horse location. Those born in the year of the horse are deem to be afflicted by Tai Sui. This is unfortunate. The Rat is opposite the Horse and is deem to be in conflict (or clash) with Tai Sui. This is worse. This is the primary reason why astrologers often predict a dire year for the Rat during a Horse Year.

The table below shows the location of Tai Sui during each zodiac year and those who are afflicted and in conflict with Tai Sui.

ZodiacYearTai SuiAfflictedIn Conflict
Rat2008, 2020N2RatHorse
Ox2009, 2021NE1OxGoat
Tiger2010, 2022NE3TigerMonkey
Tiger2010, 2022NE3TigerMonkey
Rabbit2011, 2023E2RabbitRooster
Dragon2012, 2024SE1DragonDog
Snake2013, 2025SE3SnakePig
Horse2014, 2026S2HorseRat
Goat2015, 2027SW1GoatOx
Monkey2016, 2028SW3MonkeyTiger
Rooster2017, 2029W2RoosterRabbit
Dog2018, 2030NW1DogDragon
Pig2019, 2031NW3PigSnake

If you are born in the year of the Rat, you are already in conflict with Tai Sui in 2014. Your luck is already depreciated to some degree. Moving house or carrying out major renovations will make things worse. Therefore no moving or major renovation for the Rat in 2014. Similarly those born in the year of the Ox should refrain from moving or carrying out major renovations next year (2015).

What about houses that do not face Tai Sui?

For houses that do not face Tai Sui, we should also refrain from renovating the Tai Sui sector meaning the S2 sector in 2014. By the way, this guideline apply to houses that is currently tenanted. It is okay to renovate if the house is vacant or not occupied. For example a new house that you have just received the keys.

Directly opposite the Tai Sui is the Sui Poh or Year Breaker. In the year of the house, Tai Sui is at S2. Sui Poh is directly opposite at N2. Strictly speaking, we should also refrain from renovation Sui Poh if we can. The penalties for violating Sui Poh is the same as for violating Tai Sui.

What about personal sitting and facing direction?

Click to Download.
Click to Download.

It is not auspicious to sit facing Tai Sui. However it is acceptable if your back faces Tai Sui meaning that sit facing S2 (Tai Sui) in 2014 is not auspicious. However sitting with your back to S2 is acceptable. So is sitting with Tai Sui to your side.

On a final note, what if you must renovate? For example the roof of your kitchen has suddenly collapsed. The solution is to select a appropriate and auspicious date to start work to counter the potential effect of Tai Sui.

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