The San Sha or Three Killings

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Three Killings
Three Killings

The San Sha or Three Killings is another inauspicious shen that you should take note of. As the name suggest this is a combo of three inauspicious sha namely Robbery, Disaster and Year Sha.

They afflict different sectors of the house and depends on the animal sign of the year. For example during the years of the Tiger, Horse or Dog, the affected sectors (also known as mountains in Feng Shui terminology) are NW3, N2 and NE1.

Please refer to the table below to location of each of the three sha in any year.

ZodiacRobbery ShaDisaster ShaYear Sha
Tiger, Horse, DogNW3N2NE1
Snake, Rooster, OxNE1E2SE3
Monkey, Rat, DragonSE3S2SW1
Pig, Rabbit, GoatSW3W2NW1

If you refer to the 24 mountains chart, you will see that the three afflicted mountains in each year, sandwich two other mountains. For example in the year of the Tiger, Horse or Dog, the afflicted mountains NW3, N2 and NE1 sandwich N1 and N3. These two mountains are called “Squeezed Mountains” and are afflicted to some extend.

Therefore, in practice, during the year of the Tiger, Horse or Dog, Three Killings afflicted the entire north sector from NW3 to NE1, a span of 75 degrees. And in the year of the Monkey, Rat and Dragon, Three Killings include the entire south sectors of S1, S2 and S3 plus the neighboring SE3 and SW1.

The best way to avoid activating the negative effect of the Three Killings is to restrict construction works such as digging and demolition in the afflicted area during that year.

Therefore you should not renovate the entire north sector plus the little bit on the left and right of it during 2014.

The penalties for violating Three Killings are as the name imply are robbery and injuries arising from it, natural disasters, accidents, illness, obstacles etc.

Some masters suggest putting live plants in the area affected by Three Killings to diminish its negative effect. For me, no major renovation in the affected area is sufficient!

If you must renovate, your should select an auspicious date during the months when San Sha is at its weakest.

Another important thing to avoid is carrying out major renovation in the house, if it sits on Three Killings. For example if you house sits on NW3, N1, N2, N3 or NE1, you should avoid renovating completely, during the year of the Tiger, Horse or Dog.

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This apply to major renovation works in houses that are currently tenanted. It does not apply to renovating new or vacant houses.

In the next article, I will discuss the Nine Stars.

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