Shape and Size Matters

In Feng Shui, it is considered inauspicious to live near to a graveyard or funeral home. It is acceptable if you are far away enough and cannot see or do not have a clear view.

The Graveyard is considered a sha and can result in matters related to health – both physical and mental.

The roof top of some buildings looks like a Chinese tombstone. This considered a sha and the resulting effect is much like that of living near a graveyard.

Another variation of this Chinese tombstone is a roof that looks like a Chinese coffin!

Roof Sha
Roof Sha

While in the subject or roofs, I would like to touch on sha generated by convention Gable type roof which is quite common and the newer single pitch roof which is currently in fashion.

The single pitch roof act like a blade. It is usually not a problem unless the houses are of different number of levels or on uneven land as shown in the diagram.

Gable type roof are not usually a problem unless the top roof line cuts into your house as shown in the diagram

Gable Roof
Gable Roof

It is also inauspicious if your property is sandwich between two excessively tall properties of the left and right or at the front and back. Such configuration can result affect the career and fortune of occupants and caused depression.

In an earlier article I talk about the dangerous effect of high tension pylon near your property. The electromagetic fields generated can cause health problems especially from lonfg term exposure. But what about substations usually found a single storey buildings found in housing estates?

Tall Building Sha
Tall Building Sha

In my opinion, they are not dangerous. Even though the transformers inside emit electric and magnetic fields, they are shielded by the walls of these single storey buildings. Furthermore they are usually a distance from the houses and there are usually plants or wall in between forming another layer of protection.

Even so, I would not advice you to buy one because it is likely to affect the resale value as home buyers can be overly sensitive to having them near their house.

In commercial complexes these transformers rooms are integrated into the building. I would advice against having an office next to the room. Even though it is shielded by the walls, it is still quite near.

Click to Download.
Click to Download.

In the rural areas especially, instead of substations, they may come in the form of pole transformers. These are step down transformers that convert high voltage to low voltage that we use in our houses. These are usually mounted on poles outside the house.

My advice is still the same, that is to stay a distance from them just to be on the safe side.

2 thoughts on “Shape and Size Matters

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi Man,

      The number 4 sound like “die” in Chinese.

      Feng Shui is about Earthy (Terra) and Heavenly (Cosmic) forces acting on a house and the occupants. Therefore from this perspective it should not affect the occupants.

      However the number 4 can affect you from a different perspective. Suppose you “believe” that the number 4 is inauspicious. If you live in house with such a number, it will influence your subconscious and eventually affect you negatively.

      Yet another way is when you want to see or rent out the house. If you live in a predominantly Chinese area, you may find less less demand for the house!

      I hope this is helpful.


      Henry Fong


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