A Word About Water

In Feng Shui, water can be good or bad. Good water also called “sentimental” water and is clean and flows slowly. Bad water is called “merciless” water and they are polluted or stagnant and when flows fast and straight.

Bad water can be a sha!

But first a little bit more about water. Clean, pristine water that meanders is usually found in rural area. In the cities such water is hard to find. Also in the cities, natural waterways are straightened to improve drainage. In the process, water speeds up and becomes merciless water. Or is it?

In my opinion, straight waterways are not necessarily merciless unless it flows very quickly. And less than clean water can still be considered “sentimental” water if it supports a thriving aquatic community.

Now back to bad water and sha.

Water falling off from high ground into a pool like a waterfall can be a sha. While a waterfall can be quite a tourist attraction, it is not suitable near a residence as the turbulence gives out a lot of sha qi. Usually the noisier it is, the worst the sha.

A common rule of thumb is if you are far enough not to see or hear it, it is okay.

Water should not flow perpendicularly towards or away from a house. When it flows perpendicular towards the house, it call clashing water and it is similar to a house facing a T junction or facing a lane.

Clashing Water
Clashing Water

It is worse if the water flowing towards the house is from a high ground. Then water is likely to accelerate and “shoot” at the house.

Also look out for drainage outlet from your opposite neighbor’s house shooting straight at your property. It is detrimental over the long run.

It is also bad if the water flows perpendicularly away from the house. It drains the qi from the property and such water is known as “Pulling Nose Water”.

Pulling Nose
Pulling Nose

River meanders naturally and properties can be found on the inside and outside of the bend. Properties on the outside of the bend or the convex side are less favored as the qi on this side is more aggressive.

In practice, this is not a problem unless the bend is unusually sharp and the rivers flows very quickly.

Like the water fall example above, any kind of water that creates a lot of noise is not favorable and can be consider a sha. Examples include sea water crashing to rocks, rapids or white water, water crashing into each other as in a confluence or a drain discharging into a river. The key consideration is the loud noise generate. It is a sha if it is very loud. Okay if not.

Cutting Feet Water
Cutting Feet Water

Finally it is what is commonly referred to as “Cutting Feet” water. This is water that runs laterally across the front door of a house. IN an urban setting, most of the time it is mad made. Some designers think it is artistic to artificial water running under a bridge at the entrance of a house.

Cutting feet water is considered very negative and can lead to financial losses!

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