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Feng Shui 2020

Twenty twenty (2020) is the year of the Metal Rat (Geng Zi) and with it comes another set of Feng Shui qi and do’s and don’ts.

Tai Sui in 2020
Location of Tai Sui in 2020

If you do not plan to move house or carry out a major renovation, there is not a lot that you need to do.

In a Rat year, the Grand Duke or Tai Sui is situated in the north and hence exert its influence on houses that face north (and sit south) as well as those born in the year of the rat (and horse).

To a much lesser extend the Goat and the Rooster are also affected but to a much lesser extend and I would not worry too much about it.

From a Feng Shui perspective, both the Horse and Rat should not move house or carry out major renovations. If you have to, ensure you select a special and highly auspicious day to start work to ward off bad luck.

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This do-not-renovate rule apply to the house that you are currently staying. If you have another house that is you do not stay in, you can carry out renovations without fear. Again do select an auspicious day to start work.

If you must renovate while staying in the house, here are some rules you need to observe.

Tai Sui affects N2. Opposite Tai Sui at S2 is Year Breaker or Sui Po. Do your best not to renovate these two sectors.

The Horse Clashes with while the Rat Offends Tai Sui. The luck of both of these animals are degraded with the Horse more affected than the Rat. The Horse can expect more problems with career, wealth, health and relationships while the Rat to a lesser extent. I would suggest that the Horse exercise greater caution at work and with money. Take good care of your health and think before you speak.

Three Killings or San Sha affects the the following sectors. The whole of South i.e. S1, S2 and S3 and the neighboring sectors of SE3 and SW1. Again do your best not to carry out ground breaking and/or major renovations in these sectors of the house.

Three Killings in 2020

Another Annual star that you should be concerned about is the 5 Yellow which afflicts the East Sector i.e. E1, E2 and E3. Like Tai Sui, Sui Po and San Sha ground breaking and major renovations in these sector can invoke the inauspicious effects of the 5 Yellow.

If you plan to carry out ground breaking and major renovations in these sectors, I would advice that you move out during the renovations. If you cannot move out, then it is imperative to start on a highly auspicious date. Even if you do not plan to renovate the 5 Yellow sector of east, you should place a metal object such as a metal vase, metal wind chime etc to moderate the effect of the 5 Yellow.

The three auspicious annual stars in the current period are the 8, 9 and 1 stars and they influence the NW, W and NE sectors this year. To benefit from these auspicious energy you must first spend time in these sectors of your house. For example if you room is located in the E, which is inauspicious due to 5 Yellow and you have a spare room in say the NW, W or NE sectors, you should relocate into one of these rooms for the year. You can benefit from simply spending time in these sectors.

Annual Stars in 2020

In addition, you can activate these sectors by creating movement in these areas. The most popular way is to install an indoor water fountain. Alternatively you can install a fan, play loud music etc to activate these areas.

Both the East and and South are influenced by the highly inauspicious 5 Yellow and the 2 Black or Illness Star. If you can you should stay away from these sectors. If these stars occupy your living room for example, you should spend less time there.

If they fall into your main door, bedroom or other areas that you spend a lot of time with and you have no other options, then place metal items in these areas to diminsh the negative influence of these inauspicious stars.

In summary, to capitalize on the good qi of the year, spend time in the auspicious sectors (NW, W, NE) and avoid the inauspicious ones (East amd South). If you must carry out ground breaking or major renovations, ensure that you avoid the inauspicious sectors (N2, S2, E, SE3, SW1). Finally eat and sleep well plus think before you speak. The battle is almost won!