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Feng Shui Renovation Rules 2021

If you plan to renovate a portion of your house without moving out in 2021, here are some things you should know.

Caring out major renovations in the wrong sectors of the house can create all kinds of problems for the occupants.

Reno Rules 2021

If you are born in the year of the Goat, you should try your very best to defer any major renovations to another year.

The rest of us can renovate but by following some rules.

First, let me explain what constitute major renovations. It include an ground breaking work such as digging a new drain, floor tiling works and so on as well as tearing down walls and pillars.

In 2021, Tai Sui or the Grand Duke Jupiter affects the NE1 sector. The opposite sector SW1 also known as Po Sui is also affected. So try your very best not to renovate these two sector.

Three Killings influences the East sector. If you renovate the sector, you may activate it and cause robbery (or losses), disaster and obstacles in 2021.

Finally you should also avoid renovating the South East sector as this is where the annual Five Yellow star reside which can cause all kinds of problem if activated.

To identify the sectors, use a compass and standing in the center of the house to mark them out.

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The above rules are for major renovations and if you continue to live in the house during the renovation works. If you move out during the renovation then it is fine.

So what if you must renovate? You should seek the advice of a Feng Shui Consultant who will then select special highly auspicious dates to carry out these renovations with minimal negative effect!