East Life, West Life

East Life is not the oriental equivalent of the hugely popular boys band from the UK.

East life and West life is a Feng Shui concept where we are classified as one of either based on our Gua number which in turn is derived from our Chinese Solar year of birth.

You can find out your Gua number here.

If you Gua number is 2, 6, 7 or 8, you are a West Life person. The element of a Gua 2 and 8 person is Earth while for a Gua 6 and 7 person is Metal.

If you Gua number is 1, 3, 4 or 9 then you are a East Life person. The element of a Gua 3 and 4 person is Wood while for a Gua 9 Person is Fire. A Gua 1 person belong to the element of Water

For a West Life person, the favourable sectors in a property and personal favourable facing directions are North-West, West, South-West and North-East. For a East Life person, the favourable sectors in a property and personal favourable facing directions are North, South, East and South-East.

Please refer to the table below.

 East Life Element Favourable Sectors and Directions
 Gua 1 Water South-East, East, South, North
 Gua 3 Wood South, North, South-East, East
 Gua 4 Wood North, South, East, South-East
 Gua 9 Fire East, South-East, North, South
 West Life Element Favourable Sectors and Directions
 Gua 2 Earth North-East, West, North-West, South-West
 Gua 6 Metal West, North-East, South-West, North-West
 Gua 7 Metal North-West, South-West, North-East, West
 Gua 8 Earth South-West, North-West, West, North-East

The Eight Mansions system of Feng Shui makes extensive use of the Gua of the the head of the household to decide on the optimal house sitting, utilization of the sectors, and facing direction for the main door, stove and bed.

For example for a East Life person, the house should ideally sit facing north, south, east or south-east. The main door and bedroom should be in one of these sectors and oriented in of these directions.

If you look closely you will find that there is a productive or similar relationship between the Gua element and the sectors.

For example from the Lo Shu, the sectors West and North West are Metal. Gua 6 and 7 have a similar relationship as there are Metal while Gua 2 and 8, both Earth have a productive relationship as Earth Produce Metal.

The Eight Mansions is house only one of many systems of Feng Shui. The Xuan Kong system for example pays greater emphasis to the influence of the movement of the planets as reflected in the Nine Stars and an audit is likely to yield a different set of recommendations.

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Practitioners who are well verse with both systems try to give recommendations that are favourable from both systems. For example for a West Group person, he will select a sector with an auspicious mountain star located in either the West, North-West, South-West or North-West sector.

However this not always possible. So if you are a East Life person and your favourite practitioner recommend that you sleep in the West sector of your house, he is not wrong. The West sector may be highly auspicious during this period.

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