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(This is an article that I wrote in a column for the Sun Daily newspaper).

In the last article we talk about the Feng Shui quality of a house. The best ones are those that prosper wealth and prosper descendants meaning good for career, wealth, relationship and health.

There are many schools of Feng Shui and hence there are as many ways to determine the quality of a house. In the Xuan Kong Fei Xing method, the quality of a house is determined by the facing direction and period of the house. This quality is further enhanced or depreciated by the surrounding natural land form and man made structures.

24 Mountains

24 Mountains

Some schools divide the facing of a house into eight spans of 45 degrees. Most school however sub-divide each of the 45 degrees span into three smaller spans of 15 degrees giving a total of 24 spans of direction or 24 mountains.

In the old days, each of these 15 degree span is given a Chinese name e.g. Ren, Zi, Gui. This is not easy to remember especially if you are not educated in Chinese. A popular and easy naming convention is to simply name the 15 degree span within each cardinal numerically i.e. N1, N2 and N3 in a clockwise manner. The spans in the NE sector becomes NE1, NE2 and NE3 as shown and so on.

In addition, the Fei Xing school take the period of the house into consideration. To recap, the period of the house is derived from the date the house was completed and first occupied. A period spans 20 years and the current period is known as period 8. It starts from Chinese Solar year 2004 and ends in 2024. A house completed and first occupied during this period is known as a period 8 house.

A house completed and first occupied in the 20 years period before is known as a period 7 house while a house completed and first occupied in the 20 years from 2024 will be a period 9 house.

The quality of a house depends on the period and facing. Therefore a house with the same facing from different period may have different quality. In this series of articles, I will touch only on current or period 8 house only.

Prosper Mountain Prosper Water

Prosper Mountain Prosper Water

Back to house quality. For period 8 houses in period 8 (which means now), “prosper wealth prosper descendant” house include those that face NE1, SE2, SE3, SW1, NW2 and NW3.

Land form is important too. Having the right facing and period is like having the potential. For such houses, this potential is enhanced if there is water at the facing and mountain at the sitting side. Water can be real e.g. river or pond or pseudo e.g. open playground or field. Mountain can be real e.g. hills or higher land or pseudo e.g. a taller building or tall trees.

It is fine if the land at the sitting and facing is relatively level. However the potential of the house will be depreciated if the reverse is true i.e. mountain at the facing and water at the sitting.

Neither Prosper Mountain nor Prosper Water

Neither Prosper Mountain nor Prosper Water

The opposite of “propser wealth prosper descendant” houses is “Up Mountain Down Water” house as commonly known as house that do not prosper wealth nor descendants. For period 8 houses, they include those that face NE2, NE3, SE1, SW2, SW3 and NW1.

Do not panic if you live in such a house. Some of the these facing are also influenced by other good patterns that reverses or improves the luck of the house.

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The more important thing is to have the right landform features which in this case is the reversed of what you learnt earlier and that is there should be mountain at the facing and water at the side!

So now you know. Water at the sitting is not always unfavorable!

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