The Siginificance of a House Facing Direction

(This is an article that I wrote in a column for the Sun Daily newspaper).


From the Ba Zi (or date and time of birth) an astrology practitioner can figure out a person’s fate potential and luck cycle throughout his or her life.

The facing direction of a house or the side that allow in most of the environmental energy is often used to iron out any pitfall in the person’s fate potential and luck.

For example, a person’s has poor lifetime career luck. This means that he is likely to experience obstacles and challenges in his career throughout his life. Things may become better during periods of good luck but is likely to revert to bad once he passes these good luck periods.

The ‘right’ house facing direction can help to correct or at least try to improve upon his poor lifetime career luck making life more pleasant. Correcting the lifetime fate potential will also help to improve the 10 years and yearly luck cycle as they are somewhat related.

For a person with a balance fate potential and luck cycle, the correct house facing direction can be used to enhance specific aspect of his luck for example career and wealth or spousal or children relationships.

House Facing Directions
House Facing Directions

For most systems of Feng Shui the facing direction of the house is also used to determine the quality of the house. Some systems uses the sitting direction which is essentially the opposite of the facing while others combine the sitting or facing with the period of the house to determine its quality. The period of the house is determined by when the house was completed and first occupied. The period and hence the quality of a house can be also be changed via a major renovation or rebuild.

The ideal house is one which is beneficial to career and wealth and to relationship and health. It is often referred to one that “prosper wealth and prosper descendants”. Think of it this way, poor relationship and poor health is unlikely to result in a lot of descendants!

In practice, houses may benefit wealth but not descendants or vice versa. Worse still some benefit neither wealth nor descendants. You will learn more about this in future articles.

Meanwhile, the facing direction and period also determines the auspicious and inauspicious sectors in a house. Knowing this allow practitioners to allocated the most auspicious spaces for the main door, kitchen, bedrooms, study and living area. The underlying principle is that the auspicious energy in the auspicious sectors will rub off on the occupants and influence their luck in a positive manner.

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This explain why buying the wrong house can require a expensive relocation of the kitchen or why you as the master, may need to sleep in the smallest room. It just happen that they are in the auspicious sectors!

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