What about Tai Sui?

Tai Sui is also known as the Grand Duke. It changes its position every year and is thought to be the position of Jupiter relative to the earth. In Chinese metaphysics, Jupiter is also known as the Wood planet. Earth as you may have already guess is the earth planet. In the Five Elements, Wood controls Earth and hence Jupiter is thought to have a negative hold on earth.

In Chinese Metaphyics, Tai Sui or the Grand Duke has many implications. But for the purpose of Feng Shui, we should not build or carry out major renovation at all if your house faces Tai Sui. The penalties for violating Tai Sui are usually people related problem such as litigation, back-stabbing, despicable people etc.

For houses that do not face, we should also refrain from renovating the Tai Sui sector.

The table below shows the position of Tai Sui for each year.

 Year Zodiac Years Tai Sui Position
 Rat2008, 2020N2
Ox 2008, 2021 NE1
 Tiger 2010, 2022 NE3
 Rabbit 2011, 2023 E2
 Dragon 2012, 2024 SE1
 Snake 2013, 2025 SE3
 Horse 2014, 2026 S2
 Goat 2015, 2027 SW1
 Monkey 2016, 2028 SW3
 Rooster 2017, 2029 W2
 Dog 2018, 2030 NW1
 Pig 2019, 2031 NW3

Let me illustrate with an example for you. During the year of the horse (e.g. 2014), a S2 facing house faces Tai Sui. Therefore you should not renovate such a house at all. Houses that do not face S2 in the year of the horse can be renovated but they should also not renovate the S2 sector of the house. By the way, this apply to houses that is currently tenanted. It is okay to renovate if the house is vacant.

24 Mountains
24 Mountains

Opposite the Tai Sui is the Sui Poh or Year Breaker. For example in the year of the house, Tai Sui is at S2. Sui Poh is opposite at N2. Strictly speaking, we should also refrain from renovation Sui Poh if we can.

In Chinese metaphysics, the animal signs have relationships with each other. For example the animal signs 5 steps from each other have a triangular harmony relationship. For example between the Tiger, Horse and Dog or between the Snake, Rooster and Ox and so on. Animal signs opposite each other have a clash relationship. For example between the Horse and the Rat or between the Tiger and the Monkey or between the Dragon and the Dog.

During the year of the Horse, Tai Sui is at S2 or the Horse location. Those born in the year of the horse are deem to be afflicted by Tai Sui. The Rat is opposite the Horse and is deem to be in conflict with Tai Sui. in a conflict this is the reason why astrologers often predict a dire year for the Rat during a Horse Year.

From a Feng Shui perspective, we should not move or renovate a house if your animal sign clash with Tai Sui. This will make things worst. The table below shows the affected animals for each of the year.

 Year Afflicted Zodiac Conflict Zodiac
2009 Ox Goat
 2010 Tiger Monkey
 2011 Rabbit Rooster
 2012 Dragon Dog
 2013 Snake Pig
 2014 Horse Rat
 2015 Goat Ox
 2016 Monkey Tiger
 2017 Rooster Rabbit
 2018 Dog Dragon
 2019 Pig Snake

Please take note that it is also not auspicious to sit facing Tai Sui. However it is acceptable if your back faces Tai Sui.

On a final note, what if you must renovate? I suggest you get a practitioner to select a highly auspicious date for you to start work.

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7 thoughts on “What about Tai Sui?

  1. Kathy

    Having to cut my grass in the south where the grand duke is for 2014 is that considered renovating. Also I would like to paint the outside of my front door. Inside looking out my front door is in the west. The outside color of my house is beige and white. What color will be good for the house right now the color is black with a gold bottom where the feet usually hit. Thank you so much for the advice I love feng shui, but I want to get better at it.

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi Kathy,

      Based on my observation, cutting grass and painting is not intense enough to activate the Grand Duke. Colors has an small effect in influencing our luck. It is usually the color of the element that is most beneficial to us. In order to figure that out, I need your date and time of birth. If you wish to know please send it to me at henry@henryfong.com and I will give you a suggestion.


      Henry Fong

  2. SL Chan

    A good clear article on Tai Sui, thank you very much. I am now left wondering what to do! Main door is about 8 degrees East of South but I am not so sure because 3 compasses gave slightly different readings! I took these readings because I intend to do some renovations. The areas affected are mainly in the SouthEast( extending kitchen) and SouthWest( enclosing the terrace). However, I also intend to remove a partition wall infront of the South-facing door( S1or S2) and thus create an opening to the small garden. Mine is a corner
    single storey house already renovated to 1 1/2 storey in 2010 ( an 8th period house?) .Originally sitting facing West, I’ve made it a side entrance, with the main door facing South (S1 or S2).
    My wife and I are NOT the afflicted animal signs ( Jan.29 1953 and Mar.27 1949), but I feel I might have to wait for 2015 to renovate.
    Your comments please.

    Thanks a million!

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi SL Chan,

      Thanks for writing. When taking compass reading for the facing direction of the house, you need to stay away from metal objects as they can affect the compass reading. Example include your cars, columns and beams (as they have metal bars inside) etc. To avoid all of these, sometimes you need to the measurement away from the front of the house while staying parallel to the house facade.

      It is okay to renovate the SE or SW sector. However if you wish to also renovate the S2 sector, the traditional way is to start in a good sector, followed by other sectors and finish the renovation in a good sector. For this year, I recommend you start in the SW sector, then renovate the S and SE sector and finish in the SW sector.

      Renovation must be extensive to change a house to a current period. The safe practice is to replace or renew the main door, change floor tiles and at least a part of the roofing to allow sunlight into the inside of the house.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Please write if you need to clarify further,


      Henry Fong


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