The Nine Stars – Part 2

Now that you have mapped the “shens” (denoted by numbers from 1 to 9) on the house plan, let understand how we can apply them.

The Nine Stars
The Nine Stars

I start by locating two of the more inauspicious “shens” namely star 2 and 5. Star 2 is associated with illness, miscarriage and the womb.

If star 2 falls in a space that is frequently use, for example, a bedroom, study, living etc, I would discourage any family member with weak health, recovering from an illness or is pregnant from occupying that room or spend a lot of time in that area. They should move to another room at least for that year.

But what if they cannot move? The traditional “cure” is to place a metal item in that room. The favored item is a metal Wu Luo (gourd) as the shape signifies “cure”. If the Wu Luo is not available, other metal item will do to.

It is perfectly okay if star 2 falls in a space that is not frequently used e.g. store or toilet.

Star 5 is the most negative of the 9 stars and if it falls into a frequently used spaced such as a bedroom, kitchen or study, you should consider moving out or spending less time there. If moving out of the room is not an option, then treat the area with a sizable metal items such as a big wind chime. The ration of using metal is due to the 5 Elements. Both star 2 and star 5 are earth based “shens”. In the 5 Elements, earth produces metal. In the process of producing metal, the inauspicious earth is weakened!

The auspicious stars are 8, 9 and 1. You should spend more time in the spaces influenced by these stars as you will benefit from them. It is great if they fall in the bedrooms or main door of the house. If it falls in an empty bedroom, you should consider moving in at least for the duration of the year. Star 8 is associated with wealth (and career) luck, happiness and pregnancy. Star 9 with achievement, growth and success while star 1 with fame and fortune. There is usually no need to enhance the area. Just spending time there is what you need to do.

If you must, activities in the area affected by the auspicious stars will enhance the energy within. You may wish to do a thorough spring cleaning in that area! Remember to start on an auspicious day.

Star 7 is associated with robbery, disputes, fire, injury and losses. Star 7 is metal energy and the cure is to place still water (no pump or fishes) in that area. Again this is from the 5 Elements. The 7 metal star produces water and in the process is weakened.

Star 6 is not auspicious but it is not too bad either. It is associated with loneliness and isolation. Maybe your spouse may appear to be a bit distant this year! The danger is if the mountain or water star in that sector is either star 6 or star 7. Such a combination can result in injuries or losses. Again the cure is still water.

What about star 3 and 4? Both are inauspicious but there effect is not as serious. Star 3 is associated with arguments, slander, gossip and lawsuits while star 4 with extramarital affairs, divorce and a lack of direction.


It is usually not necessary to treat these spaces even if it falls into your bedroom. However if are already having constant arguments with your spouse or colleagues, then you may want to place an item of the fire element in your room if star 3 falls there. Star 3 is wood and is weakened when it burns to produce fire. Any item such as a red carpet, red curtain or red poster is considered a fire element. This is counter intuitive to the Western thought that fire represent anger. This is the 5 Elements at work. in any case, red to the Chinese has a different meaning. It means prosperity!

The same goes with star 4. Like star 3 it is also of the wood element. So if you are married and feel that you are getting excessive and unsolicited attention from the opposite sex or feel that you are drifting along without any sense of direction, you may also wish to place some red items in the affected area.

That is the annual Nine Stars for you.

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