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Dragon Lair 2

If you have been following the last articles on auspicious Feng Shui site you will realize that a good site is not easy to come buy. That is a fact and in practice we often end up with less than perfect auspicious sites.

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One example is the Nest site. It is one with the Black Tortoise at the back, Green Dragon and White Tiger on the left and right respectively without water and Red Phoenix Mountain at the facing. It is not perfect but still acceptable. At the very least the Black Tortoise and the mountains behind bring qi into the area while the Green Dragon and White Tiger stops the qi from being blown away. A variation of the Nest site in one where the Dragon and Tiger embrace the site like the pincers of a crab.

Another example is the Breast Site. Two mountains with a relatively flat valley in-between with water running through it is also acceptable. Again the mountains and the ranges behind bring qi into the area. Although the area is not totally protected from wind, the river running through it help to accumulate qi. Again not perfect by still quite acceptable.

In the rest of this article I will share with you some of principles that our forefathers use to locate auspicious sites. Central to it is the concept of Yin and Yang. The mountains are considered Yin as it is view as static while water is Yang since its characteristics is to move. Too much Yang or Yin is not favorable but when Yang and Yin meet it is favorable.

Therefore when the mountains (Yin) meets water (Yang) as in the case of mountains meeting a vast plain, water ways, lake or ocean it is auspicious and you are likely to find auspicious sites.

Although a mountain is considered Yin, if it has many rises and falls it is said to have Yang features. Remember that it is favorable when Yang meets Yin. Therefore a mountain with lots of peaks and valley, curves and turn is considered highly favorable.

Water is consider Yang as its natural tendency is to flow downhill. When water slows or stops it is said to have Yin features. Therefore when water is checked by mountains or large stones, slows down or stop momentarily (when it flows into a lake), it is considered highly favorable.

Yang and Yin are opposites. Therefore you should look for flat land in undulating land where peaks and valleys are normal. And in flatland look for protrusions. This is an important principle for selecting auspicious sites in flat land which I will cover in another article. To take it further, in dry land, look for an area with rivers and lake and in wetland look for an area that is dry!

A Heavenly Pond is a lake found high up in the mountains. It is mountain meeting water and is highly revered. In addition a Heaven Pond upstream ensures a continuous flow of water to auspicious sites downstream. Since water is wealth a continuously flowing river is preferably to one that only flows for some months in a year.

Some people ask me if water needs to be visible for it to work. Answer is no. If you are near enough water will still work for you even if you cannot see it.

Another thing to look out for it Progressive Mountains. Behind the Black Tortoise, there should be a group of mountains that get gradually bigger and taller as it progresses into the background. Such mountains bring strong qi into the area and give good luck, financial gain and social standing for many generation.

The opposite is the Retreating Mountains where it gets smaller and shorter as it progress into the background. Such mountains bring financial losses and damage to reputation.

Again I cannot emphasis enough that the mountains must be Living Mountains or one with lush vegetation with a strong flora and fauna community. Sick Mountains or those with inauspicious shapes, barren, dry and sandy will bring disasters, diseases, financial problems and death.

In the next article, I you will learn how to identify auspicious sites in flat land or vast plains.