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Auspicious Site in Flat Land

In mountainous areas we study the spines and backbones of the mountains to look for auspicious sites. In flat land we look at the pulse of the earth. Let me explain. A flat land or a vast plain is like a ocean. Earth energy underneath it creates protrusion much like waves. Therefore when there are protrusions on a flat land, the earth energy or qi in the land is strong.

Our forefathers believe that the earth energy in a vast plan is very strong. So strong that wind blowing from all sides cannot blow away and exhaust the qi in the land. This is much like an auspicious site near the trunk of the mountain ranges. It is still good even if the protective mountains are not all in place.

Water can absorb qi and where there is water, qi will linger and accumulate in that area. In a flat land and in the absence of protrusions, look for water. Some masters think water is more important than mountains. A land site without mountain but with water is still good. Without mountain qi is blow away but with water qi accumulates and wind stops. However water is only useful if it flows slowly like when it is checked by mountains or large rocks or curved waterways, or when it flows into a lake.

Protrusion in Flatland

It is better when a waterway has flowed hundreds of miles before flowing into the auspicious site as they are believed to bring in a lot of qi. Rivers should ideally be deep as they tend to be slower and quieter. A river with many curves and bends is auspicious and very often Dragon Lair on vast plans are found on the inside of such as curve. The meeting point of two rivers or a confluence is a highly revered feature. Always look for them in a vast plain.

Water that flows straight and very fast is not auspicious. Water that makes a lot of noise is also not desirable. Waterfalls and water that runs very quickly pass rocks and stone generate a lot of noise and can bring disaster to residence. Worst is water falling into large holes. They create laughing or weeping sound which is not desirable. In fact noisy rivers are called “crying red phoenix” and brings sorrowful events.

When water splash against the shorelines they make loud noises make the site not suitable for residential purposes. A little inland is desirable although waterfronts are quite suitable for commercial premises.


In a vast plain, the land is exposed to strong wind from all sides. Even though the qi in a vast plain is strong having waterways running though it is better than not having one. To summarize when looking for auspicious sites in flat land, first look for protrusions failing which look for slow moving curved waterways or lakes.

While on the subject of wind, our forefathers favor the south wind as it blows gently and bring warmth. They dislike the north wind which brings in the bitter cold from the north. Generally south, south east and east wind are considered auspicious while those from the north and west are not.

This may not apply to your locale depending on your geography and you must adept accordingly.

Another point to note with wind is that our forefathers believe that wind that blows over a river or ocean before arriving at the site is auspicious.

To recap, when evaluating auspicious site in a vast plan, look for protrusion as these are signs of high energy in the land. In the absence of protrusion, look for water in the form of clear, slow moving and curved waterways or lake.

Avoid water that flows fast and straight and especially those than general a lot of noise.

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