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Inside and Outside of a Bend

Rivers meander naturally and roads curves. Thus a house could be located on the inside or outside of a bend of a road or river.


In Feng Shui, it is favorable for a house to be located on the inside of a bend. This is also called the “Jade Belt Around the Waist” formation and occupants are said to safe from harm.

The opposite or the outside of the bend is undesirable. It is also called the Reverse Bow Sha and can caused career and money problem as well as relationship issues.

A lot depends on the intensity of the Sha Qi generated. It is greater if the water or traffic flow is fast or heavy. The effect is also greater if the house is located nearer the bend. It is also greater if the bend is more extreme e.g. like a semi-circle.

Encircle Water Sha

In the past, Reverse Bow Sha typically affect landed properties. However these days it is not uncommon for elevated highways to be a few storey high and apartments can be affected too if you are located on the wrong side of the bend of a busy highway.

Yet another modern example is the elevated light rail that can affect you much like the elevated highway.

While it is not favorable to live or work in a house located on the outside of a bend (Reverse Bow Sha), it is believed that such places have a positive effect on those dealing with Martial arts and Chinese medicine. True or not? Why not do some research yourself!

The landscape design of some modern communities may include roads (or an artificial river) encircling houses within.


This layout is not viewed positively in Feng Shui as it may lead to money losses for those living within. The worst affected will be the ones living in the house that faces the exist as shown.

In the case of a artificially created river, the water quality can be poor and may create health problems for the occupants of houses nearby.

If you have the opportunity to buy a property located near a river, select one that is on the inside of a bend or one that faces a meandering river. When a river meanders, it slows down and the good qi accumulate.

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