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Feng Shui FAQ 6

Does every audit result in and require extensive renovation works for better Feng Shui? Not necessarily. Is there a way to have good Feng Shui with minimal renovations? There is. Find out how.

Another popular is questions is whether they need to change their Feng Shui every year? Plus a popular misconception about the auspicious move date and time.

The auspicious time that you gave me to move is between 9 am and 11 am is too short for me to move everything into the house.


I get this question more often than expected. The home owner mistakes the time span as the time the period where he should move everything into the house.

This is not true. It is actually the time that you should first arrive at the house and move yourself and some existing items into the house. You can then move the rest of the items in the next hour, later in the afternoon, tomorrow, the day after, next week and do on.

It is a best practice to move existing items into the house on the auspicious date and time or after. You can however move new items for the house such as the stove, dining table etc before the auspicious date and time.

Do I need to change my Feng Shui every year?

Feng Shui recommendations such as the location and orientation of the main door, bed, stove etc that a practitioner provide can be for a lifetime, a period e.g. 20 years, for a few years until a desire outcome or just for the current year.

Recommendations that derived from a person’s BaZi are usually for a lifetime. Recommendations based on non-time based systems such as the Eight Mansions are also meant for a lifetime. However for time-based systems such as the Xuan Kong Flying Star, recommendations may be valid for a certain period only usually a span of 20 years or less.

Recommendations are also sometime given to invoke an outcome e.g. has a child or a girlfriend. These kind of recommendations should be used until the outcome is achieved. Otherwise in the example of finding a girlfriend, you may end up with too many!

Finally there is the annual energies that changes every year. These energies interact with the energies inherent in each sector of the house and give an auspicious, inauspicious or neutral outcome for the year.

Practitioners will usually provide recommendation that are valid for the year only to enhance or manage the resultant energy in that sector. Examples include not using a certain sector in that year, placement a item such as a plant or metal object to manage the energy or changing the seating direction e.g. so as not to confront Tai Sui.

The changes that you are require to do to optimize your Feng Shui for the year are usually minor as I have just stated above. You are not required to change the color of your bedroom every year!

During an audit, the practitioner will normally tell you which recommendations are for a lifetime, for a period or for just the year. If not, make sure you ask him.

Does a Feng Shui audit result in the need to carry out extensive renovation works?

Not necessarily! It depends on the approach that you want to take and also on the type of the property. For example, there is not a lot you can do with an apartment even if you want to.

In an internal audit, the practitioner tries to allocate the most auspicious sectors for the main door, stove and beds. He also try to ensure that the most parts of the house receive enough natural sunlight and is properly ventilated. Plus to make sure that the house adhere to Feng Shui best practices and not break any “rules”. In the process it may result in quite a bit of renovation works especially if the the main door, stove and beds are currently located in inauspicious sectors.

Of course, while this is good approach, it is not the only one. Take an apartment for example. There is not much that you can change. In this case we are limited to using whatever auspicious sectors that are available and using elemental items to modify the energy in the inauspicious or less auspicious sectors (based on the Five Elements) so that we can use them.

Here is a very interesting observation. If you are currently in a good luck cycle or about to move into one, the chance is very high that you will buy a house with good Feng Shui even if you do not resort to using the selection services of a profession consultant. And the converse it also true!

You should consider using the services of a practitioner to select your next house. Here is why. In the selection process, the practitioner will ensure that the facing direction of the house is compatible with your BaZi, that it is one of good quality and with the “correct” surrounding features and free from “sha” or structures that generate killing energy.

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An addition, he will also ensure that the layout of the house is optimal or close to it. A house that requires a lot of renovation to make right should be excluded from the selection list. This will result in one that requires none or very little renovations.

From my experience with my clients, the savings that you get from having to do little or no renovations, pays for the selection fees many many times over.