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Feng Shui 2014

“Where are the auspicious and inauspicious sectors in 2014?”

The Chinese have two calendars – the Lunar and the Solar calendar. Together they are often called the Lunisolar or Yin Yang Calendar.

The first day of the Chinese Lunar or Yin Calendar falls on the 31st Jan 2014. This is the day the Chinese people around the world celebrate the start of a new year.

Most Feng Shui systems however uses the Chinese Solar calendar, the first day of which falls on the 4th Feb 2014. This is often called Li Chun.

The Stem and Branch of the year is Jia Wu. Jia is of the element Wood while Wu is associated with the Horse. This is the reason why the year is also known as the year of the Wood Horse.

Tai Sui (or Grand Duke)

The new year signifies a change in the position of the annual energies of the nine stars. Tai Sui moves from the South South East to South while Three Killings affect the North Sector.

Tai Sui affect south (more specifically S2) facing houses. Owners of S2 facing houses should ideally postpone renovation works to another year. Major renovations works such as digging, knocking down walls, breaking tiles etc can violate Tai Sui, resulting usually in people related problems such as disputes, litigation, back-stabbing and other annoying problems.

Even if you live in a house that is not directly facing south 2, you should avoid carrying out any major renovations in the S2 sector of the house. Also avoid renovating the N2 sector which is the Year Breaker for the year.

This no-renovation rules apply to currently tenanted house. If the house is vacant, you are free to renovate as you please.


San Sha or Three Killings

The Three Killings combo of Robbery Sha, Disaster Sha and Year Sha affects a span of 75 degrees in the north sector this year.

You identify the sectors by taking a compass reading at the center of the property. The compass shows you where north is and you can figure out the rest of the sectors accordingly.

You are quite safe if you do not carry out any major renovations in this area. However violating the Three Killings can result in robbery or theft, disasters, accidents, injuries, illness and so on.

Five Yellow

The most malevolent of the nine stars is Five Yellow. This year it affects the north west sector. Some practitioners believe that if the house sits at Five Yellow meaning that the house faces South East, your should also postpone major renovations to another year.

In any case you should avoid any major construction or renovation works in the north west sector of the house. If you must and the scope of works extends over several sectors, it is permissible to start work in an unaffected sector, gradually moving into the affected sector and finishing in an unaffected sector.

The penalties for violating Five Yellow is bodily injuries and financial losses. Five Yellow is earth energy and can be remedied by having metal. North west is already a metal sector but it is probably safer to place some more metal items such as a wind chime in that area. Of course it is better not to violate the sector at all.


Other Stars

Other than the Five Yellow, the other stars that you should be vary of is the 2 star or the illness Star which influence the east sector. This is an inauspicious energy and brings illness, disease and mental stress to the occupants of this sector. Those with weak health, recovering from an ailment or who are pregnant should not sleep in this sector. You should place a metal vase or Wu Luo to manage the energy here.

Take note also of the inauspicious star 7 that is associated with great losses, serious accidents, robbery and violence. It influence the north east sector. Store away any sharp or dangerous objects and exercise caution especially when going out to lonely places. Pregnant women should also avoid this sector. You can place a jar of still water to diminish the negative effect.

Your should also be vary of the 3 star that is associated with disputes, misunderstanding, quarrels and litigation. This year it influences the south east sector. If you spend a lot of time in this sector, you should make a conscious effort to control your temperament and think carefully before you speak. You can place some fire or red coloured items e.g. carpet to manage the energy here.

The auspicious 8 star occupy the south sector. This star is associated with wealth and success. Try to spend more time in this sector if you can. You can increase your luck by placing a small water feature in this sector. Just do not renovate this sector (due to Tai Sui).

The auspicious 9 star occupy the north sector. This star is associated with opportunities, hopes and happy events such as a child birth or promotion. It is highly auspicious if you occupy this sector.

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Finally the auspicious 1 star occupies the south west sector. This star is associated with achievement, reputation and recognition. Spend time in this sector if you can, to absorb the highly auspicious energy.

That is it for the year. Have a good one ahead.