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Can you tell me when I will Die?

No. I cannot. At least not for sure. Think about it, those born at the time, like twins, do not necessarily die on the same day or even year.

From the birth chart, a practitioner can see life-threatening hurdles, such as an accident or a serious health issue. He can also figure out when it is likely to happen but not if it is serious enough to result in death. The outcome depends on many other factors.

Let say you saw a practitioner some years back who foretold a health issue say this year. You believe in the prediction, you took necessary precautions such as eating right, getting plenty of sleep exercise, taking supplements, yoga etc. Because of your actions, you are likely to clear this hurdle and life another day!

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The environment that you are in can also alter the result. For example you are likely to meet with a serious accident involving a vehicle. Now lets say that you live in a very small town with very little traffic. The chances of you getting involved in an accident is much lesser that if you life in the city.

Then there are other factors such as the Feng Shui of the house, the zodiac signs of the people that you live or spend time with.

So, no, I cannot tell for sure!