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Layman Buy House Guide

The facing direction, period of the house and surrounding land-forms are important consideration when selecting a house.

So are the location of spaces such as bedrooms, kitchen, study, living area etc within the house. All these should ideally be located in auspicious sectors in the house.

However all these require some knowledge of Feng Shui and Astrology to figure out and you may require the service of a practitioner to help you out.

However there are other equally things important things that you can look out for when selecting a house.


I would like to tell you the story from one of my audits from many years ago. Two sisters approached me to look at their houses which are located in different parts of the Klang Valley.

One of the house is a modern double storey link house while the other one is a much older but well maintained single storey intermediate unit.

The one that owns the single storey unit tells me that they many brothers and sisters and it is quite common for them to hold gatherings at each others home. However most prefer to hold the gatherings at her house and the the party tend to last longer into the nights.

Why? Let me share with you what I think.

The newer and more modern double storey house does not have an air-well or courtyard or sky window for passive ventilation and you feel stuffy after a while in the house. The ceiling is low and there is very little natural sunlight into some parts of the house. In fact in some parts of the house, you need to switch on the lights even during the daytime!

The older single storey house has a large courtyard in the middle of the house. The ceiling is much higher and most parts of the house get a lot of natural sunlight.

It is well ventilated and you feel cool and dry despite it being a single storey house. The high ceiling and gives you a relax feel while the natural lighting gives the house a healthy glow.

In my opinion this features are as important as getting the facing correct and having the right surrounding land form.

Home owners who live in a very long link house should have a courtyard or sky windows in the middle section to the house for better ventilation and to bring in natural lighting.

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Even more critical are three storey link houses. The middle section of the ground floor tend to be poorly ventilated and dark.

For a home buyer, I urge you to place good passive ventilation and natural lighting as a priority when selecting a house. And please ensure that the ceiling is high enough!