Is our Destiny Cast in Stone?

(This is an article that I wrote in a column for the Sun Daily newspaper).

In the last article we touch on destiny and luck and how they are determined at birth. Though your fate potential is predefine or destined, the outcome can to a certain extent be modified by free will and by other factors.

Our Destiny
Our Destiny

Take the number of children for example. Your birth chart may say that you have as many as five children. However you live in the city and decide that it is too expensive to raise five children. So you stop at two. This is free will at work. In you live in China, legislation such as the one child policy can further limit you to one child only.

On the other hand, if you live in a place where there is no need to limit the number of children, then you are likely to achieve your potential of having many children.

What then is the difference between destiny and luck?

Destiny is like your fate potential. For example from a birth chart we can determine if you are more likely to achieve success in your career working for others or in your own business. Or is it better for you to stay in your place of birth or seek your fortunes in a far way land.

While destiny indicate your potential, luck gives the timing. For example if your chart says that career luck is strong between 40 and 50, then this is the period that you are likely to achive great career success.

In Chinese astrology, we believe that success comes easier if we take the path that we have potential for and take action at the right time. It is swimming downstream instead of upstream and jumping in when you do not see any crocodiles.

For example if the birth chart indicate that you have strong career luck and and it is in a career that has something to do with the mouth or throat. Then you will likely achieve greater or more easily achieve success if you pursue a career in dentistry, or medicine specializing in the ear, nose and throat, teaching or public speaking or in singing especially so if you also have a good voice.

Ba Zi Chart
Ba Zi Chart

Another example. Lets say that your chart indicate that your wealth luck is strong and that you are capable of owning your own business. However your chart indicate that you have strong wealth luck after 35 years old but quite bad wealth luck between 30 and 34. In such as case you are better off starting your one business at around 35 rather than earlier. Or at least not commit large sum of money into the business before 35.

The events from a birth chart is further divided into those will happen and likely to happen. A very small percentage of events fall in the first category. Even though it will happen, we can influence the intensity. For example, at 35 years old, you visit an astrologer and he tells you that you will have a health issue at 52 that involves the heart or the eyes. Assuming that you believe him and start to take good care of your heart and eyes say by eating right, getting plenty of exercise and not strain your eyes etc, then when the health issue do hit you at 52, it is likely to be mild.

What about the events that are likely to happen? It depends on other factors e.g. free will, Feng Shui etc. For example if you really wanted to buy a house and the Feng Shui of the house that you are currently staying in “encourages” you to do so, then it will very likely happen.

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The more factors present, the more likely an event will happen. Factors include the indications in your birth charts, free will, feng shui, the presence of people with the right animal zodiac sign etc. You may of heard of instances when the career and wealth boom after marriage or having a child. This is an example of spouse and children enhancing one’s luck. Parents can be an activator too especially so if they are living with you. So please check your chart before sending them to the old folks home.

In my next article, I will write about how Feng Shui can influence your destiny and luck.

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