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In my line of work, I get asked a lot of questions. Many of them are the same questions but in different guises. It is likely too that you had wanted to ask these questions as some point in time. I have compiled a list of such frequently asked questions, with answers, that I hope will be useful to you.

In this segment, I will start by answer questions relating to the ownership of the house, the impact of the surroundings and who gets yop priority during an audit.

I live in a rented house. Does the Feng Shui of the rented house affect me or my landlord?

House Facing Direction
House Facing Direction

Feng Shui is a study of the effect of a property, its facing direction, internal layout and the surroundings on their occupants. So it is you who is affected and not your landlord. The same applies to house ownership. If you and your sister jointly purchase as house but she resides there, it affects her even though your name is on the S & P.

Which is more important? Inside or outside Feng Shui?

In practice the Feng Shui of the inside and outside should be considered together. For example, let’s say that you have identify a room with a good current auspicious star as the master bedroom. The land form on the outside of this room should ideally be a “mountain” – meaning have real mountains or higher land in the vicinity. This way the auspicious energy within is enhanced by the appropriate form on the outside.

However for the sake of answering this question, let’s divide Feng Shui into the inside and outside. I will take a house facing direction, surrounding natural land forms and man-made structures as outside Feng Shui and the utilization of the spaces within, orientation of objects in the house such as the main door, beds & stove, placement of elemental items and color as inside Feng Shui.

So which is more important of have a more significant effect on the overall Feng Shui?

It is the outside Feng Shui. From my observation, the outside factors have a more significant effect. If the house facing direction is auspicious for the head of the household, the mountains and water are correctly placed with no “sha” nearby, the occupants will benefit even if the internal Feng Shui is not fully optimized.

The converse is however not true. If the outside is not correct, the head of the household may not benefit much even if the internal Feng Shui is perfect.

I want the house to be fully optimized for me, my wife and three sons. Can ah?

There is a Chinese saying, “Three persons living in the same house, walk a different path”. Another way of putting it is the same house will affect the occupant’s luck in a different way.

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Therefore in practice we optimize for the head of the household. Then we do our best for the rest of the occupants. The ration is that if the head of the household does well, the other family members will benefit too.

In the next segment, I will answer frequently asked questions related zodiac signs and the calendar system.

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