Different Sites, Different Results

The selection criteria for an auspicious site near the mountains and in a vast plain are different. For an auspicious site near the mountains, we look out for good looking protective mountains on all sites, with water running through it, a wide Bright Hall at the facing side and mountains further away that check or slow down water exiting the site.

In a vast plain, we look for protrusion in the land and in the absence of protrusion, we look for slowing moving quiet water.

For auspicious site near the mountains, certain characteristics or a combination of characteristics can produce different results. Some can make the residents wealthy. Others produce high ranking officials and yet others may create learned men.

Auspicious Site

In the rest of this article, you will learn what these characteristics are.

Lets start with sites that can make the residents wealthy. The site should protected by good looking mountains on all sides. These are the Tortoise mountain at the back, the Green Dragon and White Tiger on the left and right embracing and the Red Phoenix at the facing side. In addition the site itself should be slightly protruded like the back of a tortoise. The Tortoise mountain at the sitting should look like a warehouse i.e. rectangular with a somewhat flattish top. The warehouse shaped mountain signifies storage of wealth.Two waterways should come from the back and merge in front of the site and there should be mountains or large stones at the facing to slow down the water when that exit the site. Since water represent wealth, slow lingering water signifies accumulation of wealth.

Finally the table mountain at the facing should look like an ox.

Next the site of the very High Ranking Officers and Chief Executives. The site itself should be on land that is higher than other auspicious sites in the surroundings and the land should slope forward. Height signifies ranking and the higher it is the better. The mountain ranges should be full of rises and falls and have magnificent peaks before reaching the site. The protective mountains should resemble banners, drums, pen, tortoises and horses (you have to use your imagination). Very High Ranking Officers and Chief Executives requires influence, power and intelligence. Mountain ranges with rises and falls bring in a lot of qi or energy into the site. Banner and drums shaped mountains signifies power while pen shaped mountains signifies intelligence.

The site should be flanked by two waterways that have made hundreds of turns (again signifying strong qi) before reaching the site. Ideally there is a Heaven Pond higher up the site to ensure a continuous flow of water. Once at the auspicious site it should curve and slow down in front, checked or slow down by mountain or large stones (Seal Hill) downhill of the site.

What about the sites of High Ranking officials

It depends on their rank and job function. For ministers and senior executives, they should be magnificent mountains at the back plus good looking protective mountains all around that resembles banner, drum, pen, horse and tiger. Pen shaped mountains – tall and thin – will produce intelligent officials or executives while drums and banner like mountains gives the residence authority. As usual you need a Bright Hall and have waterways that curve and slow down in front of the site.

Sites for Queen, First Ladies and Wife’s of CEO’s? Yes, there are sites that are more likely to produce them. First the mountain should be shaped like a dressing table. The facing mountain should resemble delicate eyebrows. And finally some curving and lingering waterways at the front!

What about industy? Mountains that resemble a seal or Seal Hill (large stones that slows down water flow) also represent authority. If you are in transportation or logistics look for progressive mountains (mountains that gets higher as you progress backward from the site) and those with plenty of rises and falls.

If you are involved in finance look for mountains that look like warehouses with waterways at the facing that curve and flow slowing. Those in professions that require honesty, ethics, moral and principles such as judges and anti-corruption officers should look for sites that is on higher ground or stand out. Mountains in the facing side should be straight and balance signifying moral and ethics while waterways should be clean signifying honor, purity and truth.

Those in education and research should have surrounding mountains that look like pen and pencil plus curve waterways at the facing.

There are also sites for the long lived. What you need is a high or soaring mountains behind the site.

What about the short-lived? The site is low and isolated without protective mountains and exposed to wind from all sides. When protective mountains are present, they are short bare and narrow and scattered with no relationship to each other. The Tortoise mountain is a retreating dragon (as opposed to a progressive one) and waterways run straight in front of the site and there is usually a noisy and loud waterfall nearby!

Is there a difference between the site of the short lived and the site of the poor. Yes, there is. Like the site for the short lived, the site of the poor is isolated without mountain protection from all side. And when mountain is present, they are slim, ugly, rocky and bare. There is either an absence of water or when water is present it is dirty and flows against or away from the site. Finally the Bright Hall is small and narrow.

In ancient text there is also the site of prostitutes.

Here the facing mountain resembles a women pulling up her skirt. The Green Dragon and White Tiger do not embrace like the pincers of a crab. Instead it flank outwards. Finally there are two hills leaning against each other like a couple embracing!

It is not too difficult find mountains that look like warehouses, drums or pen since we are familiar with the objects in question. But how do you read a mountain that looks like horses in full flight or one that resembles a women pulling up her skirt? You simply have to let you imagination go. Happy mountain watching!

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2 thoughts on “Different Sites, Different Results


    my back neighbour house is higher, meaning my house is a drop of about 8-10 feet. is this good feng shui for my house?

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi Soh Kin,

      As a general rule it is favorable if the land of the house at the back is higher than yours. However if the land of the house at the back is too high then it is not good. It also depend on how much space you have at the back. A 8 to 10 feet drop is not too high but you should still have a space between the back of your house and the higher land at the back of 10 feet or more.

      I hope this help.


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