The Death and Emptiness Lines

Here is another article that I write for the Sun Daily.

A house should not directly face North (0 degrees), South (180 degrees), East (90 degrees) and West (270 degrees). It should also not direction directly face the inter-cardinals of North-East (45 degrees), South-East (135 degrees), South-West (225 degrees) and North-West (315 degrees).

These are known as the Dead and Emptiness Lines and such houses, like the name suggest, do not bode well for the occupants.

24 Mountains

24 Mountains

In theory a shift of 1 degree to the left or right is sufficient to escape from these lines. In practice it still too close for comfort and practitioners would normally advise you to get away by 3 degrees to be safe. For north 0 degree facing is unfavorable. Three (3) degrees or 357 degrees is quite acceptable.

While these facing are not good for homes, they are suitable for places of worship.

In the last article, I talk about the 24 mountains. It is also not favorable if the house sit on an axis that borders two mountains for example between NE3 and E1 or between E1 and E2.

Houses facing the different mountains have different chart pattern or qi distribution. When a house sits between the two mountains, the qi that enter the house is confused.

In an ancient text, it says that “Riding the lines invokes the wandering souls. It is inevitable that spiritual entities will enter the premises”. Continuing the text says that “More so if there is a gap between two Trigrams, one will be disturbed by one’s dream.”

Note: In this context, a Trigram spans 45 degrees. Therefore north can be one Trigram and NE another.

I will leave it to the spiritual master if or not wandering souls will enter the house. From a Feng Shui perspective, the unstable or indefinite qi pattern translate to sporadic and unpredictable changes in one’s fortune. It can also impact a persons emotional well being and hence their dreams.

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Yet another line in the ancient text infer that the unstable qi distort one’s thinking leading one to act rashly or irresponsibly.

What can you do if your house sits on one of these lines? The cure is to change the facing side of the house but a few degrees. This is of course easier said than done. Therefore many practitioner recommend tilting the main door and/or the windows on the facing side. The ration is that since qi comes in primarily through the doors and windows, tilting them would change the facing!

What is my thoughts on this? If you face problems like the ones described in the ancient text, I would recommend tilting the doors and windows. However if they still persist, I would suggest you move the affected ones to another house and see if the problem persist!

Then in the worst case scenario, shift to another house!

One thought on “The Death and Emptiness Lines

  1. Dorothy

    Thank you Master Fong for posting more information on Death and Emptiness lines. Everything you have mentioned is exactly how it is in my home. Our home faces 216 degrees SW1. We have had the worst luck here, my husband has had two heart attacks here, the chi is not stable, and the house feels like it has a see-saw effect. For a while everything is going well, then boom everything is going bad. When people enter the front door they seem to not know which direction to follow when they enter even though I have a nice big foyer at the entrance. This home has been visited by spirits as well. We used incense, copper gong, and prayers. Everything then settled down, but I feel it is only a matter of time before it happens again. We are definitely saving so that we can go rent another home. Your article is so informative and so helpful. Thank you for sharing this information so very much! Your friend and follower in feng shui, Dorothy


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