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  1. Jayne Robbins

    I lost my 27 twin yr old son on April 23, 2016 at 610pm in Loa Angeles, Ca. He was hit by a drugged, drunk 21 yr old latino on the cross road, the truck was going backwards. My son was not alone HE WAS BORN ON MAY 12 1989..YR at 4:45 am . Cam u tell me the best place to put his ashes..We do not have a cemetery lot….

    2nd question
    I live by a small bay in Portland Me. The tide comes in and out 2x a day..Tides are about 30 ft here in Maine…What does the chi do??? The building I live in is right on the water
    3rd. question
    Best place to become feng shui certified practitioner.. Thank you Jayne Robbins ( water Rooster)

    1. Henry Post author

      Hi Jayne,

      So sorry to hear about your son. Over here we have special places called Columbarium where we can place the ashes of our dearly departed.

      It is difficult to tell where the qi is what it does from you description but from a Feng Shui perspective it is not favorable to live in a house that is right on the water.

      Every Feng Shui teacher have their own strengthen and expertise and you should seek them out if you want to acquire their knowledge and skill. However to acquire a foundation, I suggest Master Academy by Joey Yap. They are expensive but they do a good job.

      Warmest regards,

      Henry Fong


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